Den of Thieves Netflix – Watch Den of Thieves full movie online free

Watch Den of Thieves full movie online free – Thanks to the guys responsible for the selection of actors, which are very very good. In addition, we can not but note the musical design. All used melodies and songs were very competently superimposed on the visual series, creating a single, complete and integral picture for perception. Just needed a little bit more in some moments, but it’s ok. Very nice movie! Waiting for the second part to be out.

Den of Thieves Netflix – Watch Den of Thieves full movie online free

Den of Thieves review by rockman182 – Den of Thieves (2018)

I wanted to catch this when it first came out but somehow missed it. I dug the trailer. It didn’t look like a perfect cop v robber heist film but looked like a decent time at the movies. I also heard a lot of people early on say that the film was too similar to Heat. I don’t see the problem with that. Heat is amazing, and as long as its not the exact same thing I didn’t mind something paying tribute to that film. I also didn’t notice too much between the two films. Overall, I had a good time with this film despite it getting a bit messy in the third act.

The film follows a group of criminals and the detectives that try to bring down their ploy to rob a commercial bank. The lead detective (Gerard Butler) is rough around the edges, and is not always a straight razor but makes it his mission to infiltrate the plans of the robbers by tapping up one of their members. Things get messy as suspicion arises within the gang of robbers.

I thought the film had a good cast. I’m not a fan of a lot of what Gerard Butler does these days but I really liked the inclusion. Pablo Schreiber and O’Shea Jackson Jr. especially put on a good show. I liked the entire heist sequence. It feels familiar at times yet there are a few twists,turns, and passages that occur to keep it layered. However, it does get clunky as the film moves around through different events occurring between different characters. There is a bit of a twist that comes which I didn’t see coming which is always nice.

Den of Thieves goes against the grain of typical Janaury Hollywood films. Its good and actually makes for an entertainment popcorn film. The film could have been shorter, yes, and the execution isn’t always perfect but its a film to turn off your mind and watch. I don’t quite know how I feel about a sequel to these films but I would entertain the idea if it follows the suit of the first film. If you have time and want to watch a real solid heist thriller, here is your pick.

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Den of Thieves review by Hallbanks – Quality Heist Film *No Spoilers*

First off, how can multiple people give this movie a 10/10 or a 1/10? There are multiple flaws within the movie that keep it from being perfect and there are well thought out action plans and plot twists to keep this film from being the worst movie of all time.

Anyways, this film was a strong film with very well thought out action scenes. In the introduction, the scene was extremely realistic to the point where everyone said “in other action movies with guns, *this* would’ve happened”. Props to the director for making it realistic/believable enough. The one part we didn’t like was that some of the scenes had cringing saturation and the story didn’t dive deep into each characters life. Heck, we only met the main characters wife for two scenes.

I came with low expectations and left very pleased. This may not be a movie that drops your jaw, but it is worth the watch and has very interesting concepts and scenes.

Den of Thieves review by NimishJha – Great movie, except for the ending

I can’t recall the last time I saw a grittier, more realistic portrayal of that parallel world that exists under the surface of every society. Gerard Butler et al are thoroughly believable as tough warriors who’re nonetheless scarred and twisted by the realities they have to deal with on a daily basis, and Pablo Schreiber and his crew do almost as good a job of portraying professional heisters.

Gerard Butler is a standout here — he’s been the go-to actor for masculine tough-guy characters for a while now, but in this film he just shines. Leonine, battle-scarred and weary, a warrior nearing the end of his prime but with a lot of miles still in him, excellent at his job but neglectful of and unable to handle his home life nearly as well, Nick O’Brien is a character to sympathise with and remember.

To me, this is a better film than ‘Heat.’ The characters are more professional, and there’s much less digression from the central storyline. The actors are all physically and demeanour-wise much more believable as tough guys, making Pacino and De Niro look like dandies by comparison. I’m glad Hollywood is finally waking up to the fact that actors need to be believable in their roles in terms of their physical as well as thespian attributes. Hopefully, the days when a 150-pound pretty boy could land a few poorly-thrown punches and knock out men twice his size without messing up his coiffure are long gone.

Except for the last few minutes, the movie is almost perfect. It shows smart, dedicated, tough people on both sides, creating a meticulous plan and executing it well. Especially for a movie this long, there’s minimal filler and the story is meaty all the way through.

‘Den of Thieves’ is unfortunately let down by its ending, where it throws away everything it seemed to be and pulls a ‘Usual Suspects.’ It should have stayed true to itself. Still, thoroughly watchable and one for the collection.

Den of Thieves review by timmo-60064 – Den of Thieves our scores the heart monitor

Den of Thieves hit home with the evil good in me. Pablo Schreiber and Gerard Butler are scary good. Talented and steady, Evan Jones and Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson professionally act out my favorite scene in the entire movie. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is a name I love seeing as part of this cast and performs excellently. Dawn Olivier Ieads the sexualized life of women in this movie but the impact she has in her role towards the overall message of family pronounced throughout the movie, rounded out my rating of the overall 8.

If you are not a fan of action or suggestive themes, I urge you to listen to the gunshots, the breathing, and the tempo the sound has. The audio and the music are beautifully mixed.

Most of the scenes are tough to believe, but that is one aspect of what makes my rating an 8. The blend of realistic instances and unbelievable truth were gorgeous in the writing and dialogue alike.

Even further, the camerawork was a fresh take on action and gave life to the characters.

Not sure how the movie performed in the box office, but if you are still reading this review, I highly suggest you watch this movie.

Den of Thieves review by Kuarinofu – “Heat” re-imagined by a 12 y.o.

Clearly inspired by Heat, this movie tries to copy some scenes and introduces a last minute twist that comes as surprising only because you can’t believe they would actually go for it.

I did not find any likable characters in this movie, maybe this was the movie’s intention, but I don’t think it’s that smart. We do get some random character backstories for some of them time to time (but not all of them), as well as some general bios just to establish at least something. It would’ve been ok to have only some of them developed, but these are mostly token characters. Nobody really comes to resembling an actual human being.

As the story unfolds we see no development at all. There are some random character interactions most of which consist of really awkward dialogue with lots of swearing, like it came right out of a gangsta rap song. There are no visible connections between the Thieves or the Cops.

The Thieves do no preparations or real planning, but it’s ok since the Cops do no real investigative work. They just operate on assumptions and go for big stretches when it comes to decision making, but it always works, so it’s fine. They never follow procedures, kidnap and beat people up, hang out with prostitutes, the most likable sort of characters you can get. The plot, being somewhat divorced from reality, just works, without connecting to real world mechanics.

If you’ve seen Heist you know how the main story line is going to end (besides the twist). The only problem is that in Heist the ending made sense because characters made the decisions you would expect from them, and the rivalry was well set up, De Niro and Pacino needed each other, so their connection was something more than just a cop catching a robber. You knew what was going to happen, and you saw that DeNiro character knew this was going to end this way, but this was just the way he was, his personality. Here, they just throw a random last minute plot device to show that our main “protagonist” is supposed to feel something, but we know he’s just an ignorant asshole and he doesn’t really care (not about his wife, kids, his partners or anything really). I love how he just jumps right into a violent shootout in the middle of a road full of people, getting most of his guys killed…amazing.

Den of Thieves doesn’t work on its own, works only as an inferior version of Heist. At least the shootouts were cool, I’d give it that. It’s not horrible and it’s a good pick if you haven’t seen Heist. If you have, there’s nothing interesting for you here.

Den of Thieves review by Dave B – Started off OK, then lost its way.

I was liking the portrayal of bad-ass cops and robbers. Gerard Butler produced it, and he tailor-made the role of a cocky cop who is so hard and mean that his wife can’t stand him. The character development is good for the first hour, then the movie devolved badly. It seemed as if they were trying to emulate “Heat”, with Pacino and DeNiro, but the action got far-fetched and unbelievable. When one of the bank robbers pulls out an EMP device that is made of plastic with glowing LED lights on it, it got silly. Then the cops start a shoot-out with the robbers on a street that has motorists bumper-to-bumper stopped in traffic; all the citizens in their cars were between the cops and the robbers. Everyone starts shooting, riddling all the cars with the people in them in the mayhem. No police officers would ever start a shoot-out with automatic weapons with innocent people in the crossfire. They just caused numerous civilian fatalities. Ridiculous! I liked it up until the second half, then it just got plain stupid. Fifty Cent sucks as an actor, as well.

Den of Thieves review by CANpatbuck3664 – Den of Thieves Packs Enough Thrills and Action to Justify a Trip to the Theatre

Finding out that this movie is directed by first time director Christian Gudegast was surprising. I say that not as a judgement on his body of work, I just thought that this movie featured several strong things that you don’t usually get from relatively new people. The best thing in Den of Thieves is that the action is tightly filmed and features some nice shots. The gunfire booms and illuminates the screen and they stick you right in the middle of some tense scenes. They also film those scenes well as you get some good angles in the car chases and the choreography with some of the gunfights was surprisingly solid. While the story meanders at points, you never have any problem when Merriman and his crew are engaged by the police and are trading fire in a shootout.

Speaking of the story, a lot of heist movies boil down to how much can you buy into the actual scenario the movie sets up. It doesn’t have to be completely realistic, but they have to present it a manner you can believe. They choose not to over explain the heist in Den of Thieves and that is both a positive and a negative. Heist movies tend to dump a lot of exposition and deliberately withhold things from the audience to set up the twist. They find a different angle to set things up in Den of Thieves that is interesting enough to keep your attention and they manage that exposition over 1 scene. I appreciated that they weren’t willing to waste our time with that and keep going with the movie.

This is a big cast but Gerard Butler ends up doing most of the heavy lifting from an acting perspective. Even though his character is very similar to Alonzo in Training Day, Butler does surprisingly well in this role. This is a step up from Geostorm for Butler and his charisma and screen presence are better utilized here. He’s rude and crude but that’s essential to his character. The movie tries to show a different side of him that doesn’t work completely but he’s at his best threatening and intimidating his suspect. O’Shea Jackson Jr. is decent, this is a different kind of role but he’s up to the task. I really liked Pablo Schrieber in TV series like American Gods and The Brink. I think he’s got a lot of talent and while he’s good here, this isn’t that breakout role that he needs to become a leading man. His character just doesn’t have a lot of depth, maybe he’ll catch it with the next one. 50 Cent still isn’t much of an actor, but the movie wisely cuts down on his dialogue and uses him more as a physical presence. He can do that, and this is one of his better appearances. Dawn Oliveri is also fine in her short appearance as Nick’s wife.

The pitfalls of Den of Thieves really come down to just a couple of things. The first is that the character development is very uneven. They just focus it on Nick and characters like Ray, Donnie and Enson are only given small glimpses. This could have helped us like some of them a little better as they all are jerks as characters. The second is that the movie does drag with its long run time. I would say its at least 15 minutes too long and while they needed some things like red herrings to setup the twist at the end, shortening those scenes might have helped the plot flow better. The last is that the ending twist isn’t plausible enough for you to accept it. They really throw it in the last 10-20 minutes of the movie and it came out of left field. If they had dropped a couple of hints, maybe it would have felt less tacked on. It didn’t wreck the movie for me, but it did feel like a tad too much.

I would also make a quick note that this movie might be offensive to some groups. The movie takes pride in being very non-PC, there’s homophobic jokes and a ton of male posturing (Nick seems to have a compulsive need to be the alpha male in every situation and isn’t afraid to say, threaten or hurt anyone to get that across). So, if that kind of behaviour offends you, this might be one to skip. I’ve seen a lot worse, so I wasn’t so bothered by it that it detracted from my enjoyment of the film. These characters are “the worst of the worst” types and painting them in this light isn’t inaccurate.

I wasn’t expecting much from Den of Thieves, but the movie worked as a heist/thriller. A couple of members of the cast turned in some good performances, the plot was intriguing enough and there was some good gritty action top things off. It’s far from perfect but not every movie is going to be flawless. I think if you like a good heist movie, are familiar with some of the cast and you aren’t determined to look for plot holes, you might walk away from this pleasantly surprised.

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