Death Wish (2018) putlocker movie – Watch Death Wish (2018) full movie online free

Watch Death Wish (2018) full movie online free – I am a fan of the original movie and fan of Eli roth, sometimes when you have a lot expectation towards a movie you may end up disappointed if the movie is not good. Not on this one, the movie was petty good and well adapted to modern days. I know this movie comes in “political correctness” times but this make me think that a situation like this may happen to you. I am going to become a first gun owner for sure.

Death Wish (2018) putlocker movie – Watch Death Wish (2018) full movie online free

Review Death Wish (2018) by D Rahul Raj Jsd – Bruce Willis Is Back

It’s 12.30am over here in Malaysia, and yesterday was the premiere of Eli Roth’s “Death Wish Movie,” starring the legendary Bruce Willis. Now, firstly, I have not seen the original, but as a big fan of Eli Roth’s horror movies, I had to watch it and I have to say, it’s very well executed by Master of Horror, Eli Roth. It’s a violent revenge action movie. It’s no ordinary direct-to-video movie or overrated Hollywood movie. Most importantly, it’s a movie that finally stars Bruce Willis as the main man, bringing back the action in the old school way. It also stars great actors such as Vincent D’Onofrio and Elisabeth Shue. It’s definitely awesome to see a Hollywood legend kicking ass, the old school way, on the big screen. It’s all thanks to Eli Roth, and God bless him for bringing back Bruce Willis.

Review Death Wish (2018) by Seafishman – Good action film, just don’t take it too seriously

Entertaining, witty, and aggressive; just what the Dr. ordered. Bruce Willis’s performance does leave a bit to be desired, at times a bit too monotone in scenes where you wouldn’t expect it and not always believable, but he still brings some of his typical charm. Hats off to Director Eli Roth who “saved the day” in my book when it came to some of those lesser moments. There were some glaring issues with the forensics aspect of the story and such that bothered me a bit, but, the movie was entertaining enough to let it go. Overall, sort of a mix between Die Hard and what a sequel to Unbreakable could have been. If you are looking for a bang-bang no-nonsense shoot ’em up, you might be a bit disappointed. If you want an action movie with a dose of comedy (and perhaps secretly tells what many anti-gun liberals are really feeling on the inside), then this it. Now, how about that Unbreakable sequel, someone?

Review Death Wish (2018) by ellic1 – A remake that works

I’m not a big fan of remakes. I think the huge flow of remakes coming out of Hollywood these days shows a lack of creativity. Although the general story line is pretty much the same as the original there is enough difference to keep it interesting. Willis portrayed the torment Kersey was going through well, and in this respect he played the part better than Bronson.

I’ll disagree with another reviewer that the NRA will love the movie. In actuality, the portrayal of a legal gun sale bore no resemblance to real life. The anti-gun attitude of Hollywood (while at the same time glamorizing guns) was evident. it would be refreshing if the y could handle the topic honestly.

And I’ll also give credit for their paying homage to the original at the end

Review Death Wish (2018) by Amberlitteken – Great Performance by Bruce Willis

Without giving too much away I feel I need to give a quick synopsis of the movie. Dr. Paul Kersey is an ER surgeon in Chicago, who while at work, was confronted with the news that his wife was murdered during a home invasion and his daughter was in critical condition. Kersey, wrought with the fact that he couldn’t protect his family, then acquires a Glock 17 and kills a few criminals on the streets, perhaps to cope with his guilt, or perhaps since the cops failed at keeping the streets safe. Gratuitous violence ensues.

Bruce Willis, played the antihero Dr. Paul Kersey in such a fresh way, deviating from his tried and true action hero roles. His performance of Kersey learning the news that his wife was dead was heart wrenching. He didn’t display the traditional hysterical sobbing and then rage at the ones responsible, but rather exuded a quiet sadness that was so profound it felt more genuine and believable.

I love how Eli Roth directed Death Wish. The movie had great pacing, it was full of memorable dialog, it had the right amount of gore and revenge. My only disappointment is that the end of the movie neatly wrapped everything up so there was no hint at a sequel or franchise.

Some reviewers are getting too political about this movie. Saying we are all gun-crazy people in the US who don’t believe in the justice system and want vigilante justice. It’s just a movie people…

Review Death Wish (2018) by Neilmalcom – Ignore the critics backlash

One only has to notice the difference between the critics ratings and user ratings to see there is a definite agenda to trash this movie as part of this sudden anti gun agenda in Hollywood. I’m often the first to ignore a movie based on poor critic ratings but am glad I looked past them to go see this. This movie is exactly what we all thought it would be: revenge based action flick with some wit scattered throughout. Bruce Willis nailed the lead role and Dean Norris was perfect as the detective trying to figure out just who this vigilante was. I’ll address some of the critic complaints pertaining to this movie, specifically and abundance of unneeded gore and endless media hyping of the vigilante. First, there was only two brief scenes that I recall where the blood and guts were perhaps a bit much. Even then, very brief. Secondly, while there was some parts of the movie showing radio and TV talking heads debating the vigilante, it was not “endless” as some have described. Overall, Bruce Willis was perfect as a replacement for Charles Bronson and as other reviewers have mentioned likely a far better choice than Sylvester Stallone. I really doubt anyone who wants to be entertained by an action flick would be disappointed with Death Wish.

Review Death Wish (2018) by PretoriaDZ – Great Vicarious Enjoyment

Having seen and enjoyed the original, I was interested to see how this remake might be different.

The choice to make the lead character a doctor was a good one because it added complexity – the man is both a healer and a killer. The action is moved from New York to Chicago. With today’s headlines and body count in Chicago, it seems very real for people to be rooting for anyone who can at least help slow down the madness of innocent people (including children) being shot without regard for human life.

Bruce Willis is also a good choice for the lead because he has natural charisma; you want to like him and try to understand why he is doing what he does.

Of course, we cannot have real life vigilantes because they might not be so accurate in determining who the bad guys are (and an innocent person may be hurt) and we do have a legal system for a purpose. However, the best part of the movie, for me, was the vicarious enjoyment of seeing thugs get what they deserve right on the spot (instead of money and time being spent and police lives risked dealing with the dregs of society after they have already hurt someone in pursuit of their own selfish and greedy aims).

Review Death Wish (2018) by drmokedweed123 – Don’t be put off by biased critics

One thing is for certain this movie definitely triggered left leaners. In which whom gave it a 15% rotten (with an 85% audience like.) Then you look at all of the reviewers and they are all writing for far left sites like huffpo, NYT,etc. Every single one mentions the words ‘gun nut’ ‘macho fantasy’ and ‘gun violence’ as well as a few other buzzwords you see quite often. We’re now at the point where critics virtue signal and pander to the audience that their website draws in as well as allowing their political leanings to influence their view. After all these were the same critics that gave the Ghost Busters remake an 80% because woo feminism. .

Decent movie. If you liked John Wick then you’ll probably like this.

Review Death Wish (2018) by Goodolejack – Forget current politics and enjoy it

Releasing this film when the country is in the midst of a gun law uproar feels like a death wish on the part of the distributors. The poor film never stood a chance.

Which is a real shame because it’s a good movie. Remember in the 70s and 80s when action movies were a new thing, and they were unashamedly cheesy and awesome? This is an old revenge action film revamped for modern times, and it feels great to experience it.

Bruce Willis is perfect as the lead and he adds to the nostalgia of it all. The storyline is also a classic. No need to think too much about it, just enjoy it for what it is.

If you love old school action heroes and a good revenge story, and you like Bruce Willis, you will love this film.

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