Bones review – Watch Bones pulockers online free

Watch Bones pulockers online free – If your looking for something different apart from shows like CSI and Law and Order which are both good, then look no further than Bones. It’s fast moving, funny, exciting and has intriguing story lines which keep you gripped. There isn’t many shows that are part thriller, part mystery, part comedy or even part action apart from like Buffy but Bones fits the category. Watch this for a change and you’ll be surprised. The chemistry between the 2 mains, Booth and Brennen is brilliant and its them together which really makes the show work. The others in the group add to the brilliantness and all of them together make one hell of a good team.

Bones review – Watch Bones pulockers online free

Bones review by Bsmillios – TV Entertainment of the Highest Kind

Here is a show that is refreshingly real, from characters to plots, while intellectually stimulating, and willing to tickle our funny bone.

Dr. Temperance ‘Bones’ Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is a smart, focused, professional woman whose sensitivities are not so far from the surface that she is hard, or hardened by avoiding them, nor so close to the surface that she is weak, or weakened by them. She is serious, candid and forthright. Her ability to “handle” herself stems from confidence and experience, not tragedy or pathology as is so often the case in TV-land female characters.

Special Agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) could be a hardened, tough guy, stereotypical character. He is not. While we are reminded regularly of his past as a military sniper, the sensitivity he brings to his duties as an FBI agent redeem his past actions, as is his hope. Make no mistake, he is a fierce patriot and proud FBI man, yet his character’s motives and motivation are clear and noble. They are never fanatically righteous or overbearingly macho.

These two characters are wonderfully balanced with each other: their approach to life, to their work, to the pursuit of this week’s mystery. Their relationship rings true. Through agreements, disagreements and the sense of humor it takes to weather both, Deschanel and Boreanaz always deliver the wry portrayal these two staunchly serious, but genuinely human characters deserve. Each character’s work is expertly accomplished and equally important to the solutions they unravel together. As audience, we enjoy their working together. Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth are a great team – as are Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz.

With these two very real 21st Century individuals, and stories that skillfully incorporate forensic anthropology, both as it is used in the discipline of anthropology to understand the most ancient of artifacts, and as it is used in the most modern criminal labs, the foundation is strong for TV entertainment of the highest kind. But, it isn’t only the charisma of the two main characters or their portrayers that keeps the show real, believable, compelling. Dr. Brennan’s support team at the lab are a fine crew (Michaela Conlin as Angela Montenegro – forensic artist and friend to Dr. Brennan, Eric Millegan as Zack Addy – genius, geeky, naively lovable forensic anthropologist in-training, T.J. Thyne as Dr. Jack Hodgins – soil, bug and all-things-creepy expert, and Jonathan Adams as Dr. Daniel Goodman – administrator/anthropologist and the lab crew’s boss). Each has an expertise that is technically viable and each is well portrayed by the actors cast. It all adds up to a TV show you can’t wait to see again next week!

Bones review by Danielagerch – So good that you are going to feel it in the bones

I love this show. I have to say, the pilot is not that good but keep on watching the episodes and I can assure you, you are gonna love it.

The character are really amazing and you can see them dealing with real life and their own “world of bones” at the same time. Zach is one of those character I don’t really have much to say. Angie is really nice and at the same time I can’t stand how she always seems to connect with the cases they are working on. To emotional. Hodgins has his own view of life and really wants to stay away from his family, so he spends most of the time at work… just like all the characters. Booth and Bones have an amazing chemistry together and exact opposites, but at the same time they are the same. Both of them, you can say, uses their work as a way to “fix” their personals issues.

About the cases, it’s amazing how they always seem to solve them in the most amazing and clever ways, LOVE IT.

You have to see it.

Bones review by ukxenafan1 – Not just for Kathy Reichs fans..

OK, so I AM a big fan of Kathy Reichs books, and was intrigued to see what this show would be like. The addition of David Boreanaz also was a big draw, as he is a very charismatic actor(and I adored Angel!) For fans of Ms Reichs books, this is a slightly odd amalgam of Kathy herself and her main character Temperance Brennan, who on the show is also a crime author (like Ms Reichs – a top forensic anthropologist and author.)

The characters are all new, apart from Brennan’s ex-husband Pete (although we only got a glimpse of him in the season premiere) plus it is set in Washington DC rather than Canada and Virginia as in the books.

Tempe herself is rather different than the book character. Emily Deschanel is fine, but rather young and headstrong compared to the book Tempe. Even in the one episode, we have seen her rushing into things quite recklessly. I guess they wanted to make her a little more dynamic for TV.

The chemistry between Brennan and Booth (Boreanaz) was pretty good from the start, although they need to handle it properly. Maybe the Mulder and Scully reference is a hint of how they might handle things. However, the crime was a little flimsy. This first episode seemed to focus far more on establishing character and tone than on plot. Probably something that will change with future episodes.

On the whole, Riechs fans can have fun being snooty and complaining about Tempe’s drinking and the lack of her cat, but I thought the show had definite possibilities. I know I’m keen to see how things unfold.

Bones review by angelscots1982 – This show is brilliant

I am a massive fan of David Boreanaz so obviously i started watching this show for him alone, but to my delight this is turning out to be one of the most well-rounded show there has been on television in years. Despite what people might have thought of David Boreanaz’s acting abilities, by starring in Bones he has proved that he is a well rounded actor whom can take any role and make it his own. The rest of the cast has been perfectly selected to bounce of David and make the show the best there can be. Also i am impressed with how Emily has turned out as an actor, in the first few episodes i thought she was a bit of a hollow actress, kind of carboardy, but i have since been proved very wrong and feel bad for terrible of how quick i judged her. I can only hope than this show continues to be made for a least another couple of years so we fans can find out as much as there is to know about our beloved characters. P.S To Fox Please please do not be as cruel as the bigwigs at the WB and cancel this show at the prime of it’s run as it would be a dying shame and also doing this would grossly reduce your viewers. Thanks Danielle.

Bones review by tommonster3k – Good, but needs to get better.

I am a fan of procedural crime shows, and I am a loyal follower of “House”, so of course I watched “Bones” when it debuted. And, overall, I liked it.

I never watched “Angel” so I have no problem with seeing David Boreanaz in this new role. I thought he was a very good choice for the part. I also liked Emily Deschanel, once I warmed up to her style. They seemed to try too hard to introduce her as a real tough girl in the beginning. I think she pulls off being a tough girl and being a bit flaky, especially in social situations, at the same time. Her dialogue reminds of the way some girls I know talk, which might be why I got such a kick out of it.

The supporting cast is a likable group of “squints”. The chick, well–they’re gonna have to be real careful that she doesn’t become annoying, or else I’m gonna start rooting for her to be killed off much the way I root for the demises of characters on “CSI: Miami”–yet they keep taking out the good ones.

The dialogue is crisp and funny, with some nice insightful moments. The tone is dark like other shows of its kind, but I like how they didn’t rely on the gore-factor. I think they dealt with the crime committed in a respectful way. As for the hologram computer program, I think it’s a cool ingredient–such a thing isn’t so sci-fi anymore, but is still amply cool to see.

Now, for the negatives (other than the sidekick chick): I hate the seemingly random pop-song soundtrack. I think “CSI” started this trend of having a song here and there, but these songs should at least fit what we’re watching, or, as Tarantino is so skilled at doing, lend an artistic contrast to the scene.

I think they also need to take a little more time refining the dramatic parts of the show lest they continue to come off in a corny way.

Based on just the Pilot, however, I give the show 3 out of 4 stars.

Bones review by Cowboyuplay – “Bones” great show underrated

This must be the most underrated show on TV. It has a marvelous cast with David Boreanaz and Emily Deschenel as the leads. All the other characters are very interesting and well played also. It has improved every week since its pilot episode and story development has been wonderful. This show does not get the attention it deserves! Hart Hanson has done an outstanding job in developing and improving the writing. I love the snappy dialog and relationship between the characters. The partnership between Booth and Bones works so well. There is an underlying current between them that is electric. Altogether I believe it is the best show on TV.

Bones review by Z Johnson – Very Good

This show reminds me of Homicide, but with mostly forensic scientists instead of mostly cops. Like in Homicide, the crimes are important, yes, but there’s always a (usually) satisfying subplot involving the character’s relationships to one another, their lives, or their feelings towards their jobs. The characters are likable and believable, without becoming caricatures, and the writing is generally decent. There’s dark humor in the show as well, but it doesn’t overpower the dramatic center of it. The two main characters are Det. Seeley Booth and Dr. Temperance Brennan. While Brennan doesn’t actually work for the FBI, she and her “squint squad” (why are they called this? they squint at things, according to Booth) help out the FBI when they come across someone’s body, and need to find out how they died, where they died, and who they are. The squad contains Angela, Brennan’s best friend (and polar opposite), an artist who reconstructs people’s faces using their skulls. The other two members of the squad are Jack Hodgins, a conspiracy theorist who works mostly with insects and dirt, and Brennan’s naive genius grad-student assistant, Zack.

As previously stated, the show deals not just with the crimes that these characters solve, but with how they relate to and deal with one another on a regular basis. The descriptions I’ve written of the characters don’t do them justice, because unlike many writers on television shows, the writers on ‘Bones’ take the time to develop all of them.

All in all, one of the better TV shows out there today, and definitely one of the best dramas.

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