Bad Samaritan putlockers – Watch Bad Samaritan full movie online free

Watch Bad Samaritan full movie online free – As my wife abhors any form of violence, I normally don’t see films like Bad Samaritan. It’s been a long time since I’ve been scared in a movie. This film certainly gave me the chills and made my hair stand on end. If you’re looking for some thrills with the addition of a moral dilemma, this should be right up your own dark alley.

Bad Samaritan putlockers – Watch Bad Samaritan full movie online free

Bad Samaritan review by neener3707 – Done Before, But Not Too Bad, A Little Extra On The Formula

Over all not too shabby, definitely better than I expected. So yes its been done many times before, person (or in this case; people) break in to someones house for some ulterior motive, only to discover the home owner is either hiding something or is some sort of killer. But it throws a little extra into the formula, some works, the emphasis on the killer and his story was refreshing. But is it scary? Is it a horror movie? Because lately so called “horror” movies are indeed not scary at all. And as far as this film is concerned, I’m not sure what I want to say, because some of it was effective, and some of it wasn’t. First of all, I like how they expanded on the typical story line they were telling, and without giving to much away, it creates this admittedly tense cat and mouse chaotic situation for all parties involved, so I liked how it just didn’t stick 100% to the “Rear Window” and “Disturbia” formulas.

But was it scary? I’d say it was in places and was not in some, it was as simple as that for me. Some of the scenes/situations/jumps got me, and I got a little tense, but some other scenes just didn’t do it for me, maybe because I’m so desensitized to brutal horror movies. The acting was also hit and miss, some actors did a fine job while others, were just… meh… And to be fair some of the good acting added to the intensity. I also didn’t like some of the editing choices. I liked the color scheme of the film, the dark and deep colors, something you would expect from a James Wan or Hammer Films movies. I really want to say I liked it, because I definitely did like some of it, but some of it just didn’t tickle my horror bone like it could have, but overall it was not too bad, much better than I expected.

Bad Samaritan review by Patrickdangersessoms – Bad Samaritan Plays it too Safe

‘Bad Samaritan’ is a movie that I’ve been looking forward to for a few months. Ever since David Tennant gave his incredible performance as Kilgrave on the Marvel Netflix series Jessica Jones. The idea of him playing a totally demented psychopath had me giddy with anticipation. However, when it comes to this film that’s about where the fun ends. Even with David Tennant playing the big bad wolf, he stumbles too much to save ‘Bad Samaritan’ from being, well, a bad movie.

I really wanted to like ‘Bad Samaritan’, especially because I’m a sucker for a good horror movie that can make your skin crawl. There are definitely some moments in the film that will make audiences jump and cringe. However, a lot of those scenes that make you cringe are the ones where David Tennant’s American accent starts to slip. I’m not sure why they decided to make his character American, possibly to make Robert Sheehan’s Irish accent stand out more, but it’s definitely not one of Tennant’s strong suits.

There are plenty of other things that are cringeworthy in ‘Bad Samaritan’ other than the occasional accent slip. Brandon Boyce tries to create a creepy serial character to act as the menacing villain of the movie, but fails miserably when it comes to his background. Tennant’s character, Cale Erendreich, is a unimaginably rich trust fund brat who was so obsessed with horses that breaking them no longer thriller him. So, he took to breaking humans much like horses. It’s a premise for a serial killer that feels more suited to being a ‘Criminal Minds’ psycho of the week than a big screen villain. Even ignoring the motives behind Erendreich’s character, he never comes across as threatening. Sure he has money to throw at problems and proves to be incredibly cunning, but he lacks the right kind of presence for something like this. His performance though it incredibly chilling at certain times. There’s no question that Tennant is a great actor, but the character he’s given to work with is kind of pathetic.

The title of the film itself comes from the protagonist who is vallet that burgles people’s homes while they’re at dinner. Sheehan manages to make the character charming at times, but he feels incredibly out of place when it comes to this movie. For some reason the character is made Irish, which really doesn’t add much to the overall story at all. More than that though he seems incredibly unsuited for the situation he finds himself in. The script makes him more bumbling than he needs to be when it comes to trying to convince the cops or those around him that Erendreich is a monster walking among them. It’s just another one of the horror movie tropes that I can’t stand.

Then again, despite the fact that ‘Bad Samaritan’ is riddled with cliches, it does get a few things right. With Tennant more focused on psychologically breaking his victims rather than just killing them off when they become problematic, it allows the stakes to continuously rise for the hero. His life is slowly taken apart by a man who is not only smart, but has the resources to destroy the struggling millennial. It’s during this sequences of events that Tennant manages to do his best work. The scenes where he gives his maniacal rants though seem forced and cumbersome. In a lot of ways, Tennant does his best work in ‘Bad Samaritan’ when he isn’t talking.

There isn’t a lot in ‘Bad Samaritan’ that we haven’t seen before in one way or another. It’s filled with the same cliches from so many other horror movies/ thrillers and plays it safe for much of the film. In a way though, that’s good because it pretty much follows a paint by numbers when it comes to what audiences like from these sorts of things. Though it stumbles from time to time because it tries to pound square pegs into round plot holes, there is enough salvageable here to at least let fans of the genre have some fun while watching it. Of course, if you’re looking for something really scary then you’re better off just skipping this one.

Bad Samaritan review by Debitspread – Not sure how I feel about this one

I don’t normally have much respect for movies like this. It’s a story about a wacko who does bad things to people. So, my temptation is to say that it’s just some contrived Hollywood product, designed only to give us the sensations of pseudo-fear and a little excitement. But then, I think about some of the murder, rape, and enslavement cases that have made the news lately, and I start to wonder: Maybe there is more truth to this story than I would like to admit.

I used to think that scaring an audience is really not that hard, but after seeing Bad Samaritan, I need to adjust that opinion. The challenge is to scare people in an artful manner, and I now see how difficult that can be. Personally, I think the makers of this film did a pretty good job; not great, mind you, but pretty good.

I’m glad the writer clearly outlined the protagonist’s moral problem, as well as the courage it took to “do the right thing”; i.e., fight his evil opponent. I guess the bottom line for me is that it’s too bad we have a movie industry that makes money by dealing with deranged story material like this. There is obviously a market for it, however, and that may be the saddest thing of all.

Bad Samaritan review by Thomas Drufke – Great B-Movie

Bad Samaritan is a film that I simply did not know was even being released until I looked on Fandango and checked what movies I could go see yesterday. And besides David Tennant, there’s really no big name here at all and there wasn’t a single bit of marketing that I saw, so there’s that. Really, Bad Samaritan will likely be a film that comes and goes and never knows that it existed. However, I actually thought it was a pretty well made film. Granted, it starts to fall apart after the hour mark, but if you’re just looking for a cheap thrill with some fun performances, creepy imagery, and good time at the theater, then look no further than Bad Samaritan. The film has no place making some of the third act decisions it does however, it never fully jumps the proverbial shark, and it’s always entertaining.

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