American Honey putlockers – Watch American Honey full movie online free

Watch American Honey full movie online free – Even though the running time is something like two hours forty five minutes it went past at a steady pace for me and if you ever spend time with these type of people you will know how true and down to earth this movie is, some of the scenes without dialogue are the most effective. The story or plot does not take front row but you still feel for those involved especially for some of the secondary characters and it’s nice to see Darth Vader being put to good use for a change, this is type of movie that makes you think about those on screen for a good while afterwards. Some people have said that it is too long but try sitting through an Adam Sandler film and you will realize how refreshing and moving this film is and hello to Jason Isaacs!

American Honey putlockers – Watch American Honey full movie online free

American Honey review by CinemaClown – “American Honey” Embarks On An Exciting Adventure But Forgets To Bring A Map Along

Strengthened by its free-flowing plot, exquisitely arranged soundtrack & a breakout performance from the young actress, American Honey approaches the genre of coming-of-age dramas from a different paradigm but its 163 minutes of intimidating runtime & repetitive set of events ultimately hinder it from providing a wholly satisfying experience.

American Honey tells the story of Star, a teenage girl who decides to escape her lifeless existence by joining a travelling magazine sales crew that consists of a band of misfits. Journeying through the American landscape, the plot covers her stint with hard partying, law-breaking & love as she attempts to figure out what she really wants to do with her life.

Written & directed by Andrea Arnold, American Honey lacks a coherent structure as the plot simply drifts from one event to another before repeating the whole set all over again while exhibiting no major change in the relation dynamics of its leading characters. Arnold steers the film headfirst on to the road ahead but without any destination in mind due to which it only wanders in the middle.

There are so many characters present yet none of them are fully-bodied and the only thing that keeps a bit of interest alive in our leads is the reverberating sexual tension between the two. The journey they embark on encompasses all the socio-economic classes of America, from the wealthy to the poverty-stricken while its odd aspect ratio & hand-held camera-work gives it a documentary- like imagery.

Camera angles are unconventional but its images still brim with richness, thanks to its vivid use of colour palette & splendid lighting. Editing is where its fans & detractors will disagree most, for few will support its patient pacing while others will call it an unnecessarily drawn out drama that has no idea where it’s headed. However, the whole ordeal of sitting through it is made easier by excellent choice of songs incorporated into the tale.

Coming to the acting department, American Honey features a cast of mostly unknowns with Shia LaBeouf & Sasha Lane in the lead, the latter making her debut. LaBeouf is quite impressive here plus he sells his character brilliantly. Lane’s acting inexperience shows up from time to time but it doesn’t stop her from going forward as her performance only builds more n more momentum as plot progresses while Riley Keough easily steals her moments as their boss.

On an overall scale, American Honey embarks on an adventure like an excited explorer but forgets to bring a map along. However, that little mistake is unable to dampen its spirit, for it believes in celebrating the moment no matter wherever it is at any given time instead of endlessly worrying about getting lost or not making it till the end. There are bits n pieces to like about it plus it never runs out of energy but it is still stale, overlong & not as emotionally satisfying as most examples of its genre tend to be.

American Honey review by Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki – Her dreadlocks annoyed me.

I was drawn to this film from the moment I saw the odd, uninspired, poster artwork, which looks like a snapshot taken with a cellphone. It was borderline awful, but it drew me into the film, so one supposes it did its job. It is also an apt introduction to this one, in its hand-held, DIY glory.

I was a bit put off by its two hours forty three minutes-long run time, and I can’t decide if that was entirely appropriate for the film.

It makes the film work as a character study, as we are drawn in to the drifter characters’ own meandering, directionless, occasionally boring lives, as they try to amuse themselves by singing along with the radio for lengthy periods of time, whilst drifting from one place to the next, in the ghost of a plot about selling magazines, in this coming-of-age/ road movie hybrid.

But as others have noted, it does make the film a chore to sit through, for all of its nearly three hours run time. As with a lot of other long films, this has moments of quality, mixed with moments that maybe should have been left on the cutting room floor, and although I enjoyed it, I’m not sure I could sit through it a second time, nor can I decide what to rate it from one to ten.

If you can handle such a long, uneven film, and are hooked, as I was, by its poster artwork, give it a go, but it’s one that you have to be in the right frame of mind to watch, less mainstream and more art house cinema.

American Honey review by Garbgarms – A true tale of life on the road

More times than often especially now a days I find myself more entertained and persuaded to watch either a 40-50 mins T.v. episode or an hour and a half film, So when I found out this film was almost 3 hours I put it off as long as I could, saying to myself ill save it for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

However that lazy Sunday never came instead I found myself watching it on a Saturday night, my original thoughts going in was Ill stick with it as long as I can take and give it a chance and if its no good ill simply turn it off.

Within the first few minutes I was in, I have always been a fan of “traveling” roadie type films such as Into the wild. American Honey is like a modern take of “On the Road” yet better in every aspect, the shots finds its beauty within its simplicity that being the perfect combination of the outcasted youth as they coast from gorgeous American landscapes, rich suburbs and white trash ghettos.

In regards to the acting every now and then a film will come along with apart from Shia an unknown cast, this film sometimes finds yourself convinced they found these actors from similar backgrounds as they’re character, some what like the film “This is England”

All in all if you enjoy a film where you can switch off for a few hours and enjoy an emotional beautiful ride, in a story not often told then this is it.

American Honey review by Floated2 – Unique brave coming of age drama

American Honey is a rather daring and bold brave independent drama film, released in film festivals in 2016. Having a smaller relatively unknown cast, with a few newcomers and local actors. Shia LaBeouf is the biggest star in the film and he plays the second billed and somewhat supporting character Jake. He is the best salesman of the crew (of selling local magazines) then is assigned to teach Star (Sasha Lane) the tricks of the trade. But the tangible chemistry between the two soon complicates things, as does Star’s questioning of her mentor’s ways.

Director Andrea Arnold keeps her camera close to her lead at all times, focusing on her eyes and her lips as she processes everything going on around her. The film is quite interesting and even with a long running time of over 2 hours and 40 minutes,it remains entertaining and interesting at all times. Lead by Sasha Lane as a possible star taking turn, she most definitely has a unique star presence and charisma. She carries the film in her scenes.

American Honey shares some similarities to Spring Breakers, though that film is more visually stunning, with more over the top performances. American Honey may become a future cult classic type film, which is quite unique, fresh and brave throughout. This is a film that is for a certain audience and anti mainstream, where many people may be turned off to it due to certain aspects as it’s running length.

American Honey review by SnoopyStyle – authentic performances

Star (Sasha Lane) has to dumpster dive to feed her young siblings while fighting off the advances of the man in the house. She is taken with Jake (Shia LaBeouf). She leaves the kids with their partying mom and follows his group of traveling youths led by Krystal (Riley Keough). She calls her a real American Honey. Ostensibly, they sell magazine subscriptions door to door but in reality, they get the money any which way.

Newcomer Sasha Lane has a real presence about her. Shia LaBeouf is fully harnessing his instability. The young cast brings a sense of authentic intensity with the pumping music. I would have liked an older actor for the Riley Keough Pied Piper character. It would add to the creepy sexual tension in the power dynamics. Although, there is value to a scantily clad Riley. As for the story, the movie is a little long and rambling at times. Tighter writing would ratchet up the natural intensity of the performances. This movie is a nice revelation. It could have been a real standout of the year if the editing bay is employed more.

American Honey review by Runamokprods – Grew on 2nd viewing

I love Andrea Arnold, but on 1st viewing I struggled with ‘American Honey’. That said, it grew on me considerably on a 2nd watch.

At times it’s repetitive, borderline manipulative or indulgent. (I still don’t know that it’s 2 hour 43 minute running time is really justified or necessary). It also felt less rooted in complex ideas and themes than Arnold’s earlier work.

It may be partly a problem of expectation. On first viewing I kept expecting more connected plot elements in what is much more a truly tonal, poetic film. The second time around I just let the film’s images, performances and sounds wash over me, giving a sometimes powerful sense of being young, lost, poor but very alive in the U.S. heartland.

It’s also notable that this is very much a film about “America”, by a film-maker from the U.K., and it occasionally feels a bit like an outsider’s slightly cartoon-ish critique of American culture, greed, consumerism, poverty, family. One confederate flag image might have been potent. 5 or 6 starts to feel like shooting fish in a barrel.

But all carping aside, there are some beautiful images and terrific moments and even some brilliant set pieces that boldly defy and challenge emotional expectations. Arnold gets remarkably natural, honest performances from her largely non-professional cast, and gets the best work from the talented but often wasted Shia LaBoeuf in quite a while. Even if imperfect, the film is well worth seeing for fans of Arnold or of tonal, deliberate film-making (Terrence Malick comes to mind).

American Honey review by jcjs333 – Drama At Its Best

I gots to give this a ’10’ regardless of the accusations of being repetitive. Today’s stuff lacks ‘drama’ because computer aided flicks seem to catch the interest. I love a great drama like Rachel’s Wedding, Juno or Little Miss Sunshine etc. The hand held camera and the way it’s used shooting from behind the kids and to the side. The realism is spectacular. I felt as though i was taking the road trip in the car with them and reminds me a bit of the days when i tried selling encyclopedias and art and writing courses to people who could ill afford them. Also, reminds me of the times those guys came to my door trying to sell me magazines lying to me to try to make a living when it’s so much easier to ‘get a real job’ but, perhaps, not for the folks portrayed in the flick. The ‘characters’ and the actions of everyone couldn’t have been done better. The length of time i had to take this journey was perfect for me. I watched 1/2 one night and the other half the following night so i was spared any feeling of samo samo. The flick brings you right into the feelings and happenings of being there. Very good show.

American Honey review by Isobelcox – Authentic, absorbing and gritty.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing another one of Andrea Arnold’s feature since Fish Tank, so I’m not sure why it took me so long to getting around to watching American Honey. It may have had something to do with the sure to be gritty subject matter or the challenging running time of 2 hr 43 mins. The film did feel long, I had to watch it in two halves, but I don’t think it suffered for it. Andrea Arnold has an almost unique talent of immersing her audience totally into the reality of her characters, I felt like I was living alongside Star (played mesmerisingly by Sasha Lane). The hand-held camera work is certainly a part of this, often focussing on small details like fireflies in the sky or red juice leaking out of an out of date bag of chicken. Long stretches of dialogue between the amateur actors in quiet moments and extended plays of rap music with the characters singing along are also contributing factors. But I think it’s the outstanding performances she teases from her stars: Sasha Lane, Shia La Beouf and Riley Keough; the audience feels their anger, hurt, mistrust and lust keenly alongside them. American Honey is another triumph for Andrea Arnold with her proving her expertise in serving up an authentic, absorbing and gritty slice of underprivileged life just as well on the other side of the pond.

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