Adrift putlockers – Watch Adrift full movie online free

Watch Adrift full movie online freeGreat movie that never lost my attention. Between the surprising twists (that I won’t mention because they would be spoilers) and the intense action all through the movie I was glued to the screen. Shailene Woodley’s great acting carried the movie like, in a smaller way, how Tom Hanks captivated in Cast Away. Definitely worth seeing. I would suggest see it without knowing much about the story.

Adrift putlockers – Watch Adrift full movie online free

Adrift review by Augustkellerwrites – Shallow characters in deep waters

Megashare9 – Shallow characters in deep waters, Adrift is lost at sea. Centered around uninteresting people and their uninteresting relationship, this movie gets its audience from start to finish with the suspense of drying paint. To be fair, there are parts of Adrift that are surprisingly refreshing: an interesting plot development, a quality closing shot (pre-unnecessary epilogue) and immersive sound throughout the scenes on water. However, these refreshing moments are like islands dotting a vast ocean of mediocre romance.

Fundamental aspects of Adrift (such as dialogue and editing) are conducted in such obtuse and formulaic fashions that the film is doomed to be forgettable. Because its emotional connections never truly hit its viewers, the direction of Adrift lands somewhere between clumsy and inept. The sequence of scenes is arbitrary, the relationships are underdeveloped, and the clashing special effects undercut the tension. Adrift does make occasionally good efforts but, overall, it’s washed up.

Adrift review by RJBrez – Simple and effective storytelling

We all have watched these types of movies on numerous occasions. The trailer gives you 99% of the story and when it’s based on a true story, most of us know the ending. Why do we watch then? For me, I love Woodley as an actress and wanted to see how she would handle this role. I am also deathly afraid of the ocean and I figured the action scenes and overall cinematography would really be incredible to watch. I was right. I also enjoyed the way the story jumped between the two timelines. Good plot twist at the end as well. Definitely worth the money to see. 7/10.

For people who actually have the nerve to get on this site (or others) and complain about the pg-13 rating because it shows partial nudity, please get a new hobby, or a life, and leave us normal non-complaint ridden people alone.

Adrift review by rockman18 – Adrift (2018)

I wanted to see Adrift because I do enjoy shipwreck or ocean disaster based films. They usually end up being grand visually and are a great reminder of how cruel nature can be. Adrift is based on a true story and looked like a mix of a romantic film and a survival film. It is pretty much that. I think the plot and timeline jumping does not always work but the film is anchored by a truly great performance by Shailene Woodley and some harrowing but memorable moments.

The film is about the true story of Tami Oldham and Richard Sharp. Both quickly fall in love with each other and share a common love for sailing. On one expedition, they sail into a dangerous hurricane. The hurricane was so fierce that it leaves Richard with incapacitating injuries and Tami left to steer their ruined boat to survival despite all odds being against them. She soon realizes that this is a mental as well as a physical battle. The film stars Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin.

Baltasar Kormákur does not always impress with his directional efforts although Everest worked for its cinematography and subject matter. Its more or less the same for Adrift. The cinematography of the oceanic terrain is beautiful and the storm scene was done very well. The plot is a bit thin and often not as focused on the duo’s survival as it should. The timeline jumps back and forth between present events and the couple at an earlier time. I don’t think this always works. Yes, there is good chemistry between Woodley and Claflin, I just didn’t think going back to their love story was as effective for focusing on the aftermath of disaster.

This is by far the best Shailene Woodley performance I have seen. The film is what it is because she takes hold of the role and is so convincing. Her determination, hopelessness, drive, and struggle is all displayed perfectly. There are two distinct passages in the film that deal with her hallucinations at sea. I thought they were fantastic and real standout moments in the film and displayed psychological toll of being adrift for so long. Not a perfect film but does what it needs to do right.

Adrift review by Paul Allaer – Shailene Woodley’s performance and eye-candy photography not done justice in weak narrative

“Adrift” (2018 release; 96 min.) brings the story of a young couple adrift on the Pacific Ocean. As the movie opens, we find the woman (whom we later learn is named Tami) half-drowned in a boat. As she comes to her senses, she desperately looks for her travel companion (a guy named Richard), but she can’t find him anywhere. The movie then shifts to “Five Months Earlier”, as we see Tami arrive in Tahiti, the next stop of her seemingly endless tour around the world. The next day Tami and a friend get to know Richard, a nice bloke from London with a even nicer boat. At this point we’re less than 10 min. into the movie but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the latest from from Icelandic director Baltasar Kormákur, best known for another disaster movie, 2015’s excellent “Everest”. Here he brings the true story (as we are reminded at the beginning of the movie) of Tami and Richard’s ordeal on the Pacific Ocean. Survival stories set on a sailboat are of course nothing new (the Robert Redford-starring “All Is Lost” from a few years ago immediately comes to mind), so what does this films offer that sets it apart? First and foremost, there is Shailene Woodley in the lead role of Tami (she also co-produced the movie). Woodley, best known for earlier YA films like “The Fault In Our Stars” and the “Divergent” trilogy, clearly relishes the more mature role of Tami, and she doesn’t hold back in her performance, appearing in virtually every frame of the movie. Equally delightful is the amazing photography (the movie was shot in Fiji and New Zealand). Alas, neither Woodley nor the photography is done justice as the movie’s overall narrative is seriously lacking. We should care deeply about this couple, but for the most part, we simply watch what happens on the big screen. Last but not least, the movie is listed on some sites as lasting 96 min, and on other sites it’s listed as being 120 min. The version that I saw was definitely the short(er) version.

“Adrift” opened wide this weekend, and based on the trailer which I had caught in the theater in recent weeks, I was interested in checking it out. The Sunday matinee screening where I saw this here in Cincinnati was attended poorly (about 10-12 people). In fact, as it turns out, the movie under-performed at the box office (only $11.5 mill in its opening weekend). It’s a darn shame for Shailene Woodley, who deserved better. If you keep your expectations low, I’d say check it out, be it in the theater, on VOD, or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray, and draw your own conclusion.

Adrift review by MonsieurBennett – Great Actors, Good Cinematography, Okay Story, Mediocre Characterisation

Whilst I retrospect as to the contents of this film, I find myself rather disappointed, for I believe that it indeed had great potential. Despite this, however, the movie was ruined for me due to one simple, yet easily preventable factor: the main characters were not sufficiently developed, rendering me largely indifferent towards the film’s drama. Both protagonists only develop as characters through their interactions with one another (that is to say that the only part about either character’s lives the audience witnesses is their relationship), thereby only allowing the audience to understand the characters through their interactions with one another, a fact of which severely limits the audience’s (or at least my) ability to empathise with them.

One last thing: this film contains a section that highly resembles a major scene from Titanic at its end. This may or may not be intentional, but it certainly makes it seem less original.

Adrift review by clarkj-565-161336 – South Pacific Crossing

If you love adventure and Lonely Planet guide books, don’t miss this movie! It is based on a true story, so when you see the various scenes they really hook you. The ocean shots are awesome, the beauty and power of the sea! I found the acting wonderful, very natural. The present to flashbacks are a bit confusing at first, but they come together in the end for a powerful conclusion. We learn interesting backstory about Tami and Richard. They both have troubled childhoods and the sea gives them an escape. Their moments together are everything.

Adrift review by Maruugaa – This should’ve been a documentary not a movie

The story is based on a true story that happened in the 1980s. The story is interesting, but doesn’t have enough content to be a feature film. At an hour and a half, this movie was obviously stretched out, and it drained from the movie. If it had been condensed to a 40 minutes(1 hour with commercials) documentary instead of a feature film, I think it would’ve portrayed the real life incident better, and been of much better quality. I also dislike Shailene Woodley. I might be biased, because my dislike for her stems from my raging hatred to Divergent, not just the movies but the books as well. Not to mention, she had her nipples poking out in every scene and was just full on nude just for the hell of it in one scene. And I’m not completely against nudity in movies so long as it’s relevant to the plot. But it was just distracting in this. Come on, this movie is for women. If any character should’ve been naked or close to it should’ve been Sam Claflin. Seriously, there were only 2 men in that whole theater, both dragged there by women. Women do not go to see “romantic” movies to see unappealing female nudity.

Adrift review by cruise01 – Isolated, wounded, and survival being the key in a film with an inspiring direction.

Adrift is a survival drama film based on a true story of Tami Oldham (Shailene Woodley) and Richard (Sam Claflin) who are sailing from Tahiti to San Diego and getting caught in the middle of a hurricane that capsizes there boat. While adrifting in the middle of the ocean, they have to ration food supplies and trying to stay alive until they can reach the nearest land. Adrift is a pretty decent film. The romance part of the story works as Tami meets Richard and they both fall in love months before they set a long journey sail. The survival part of the story can be thrilling and heartbreaking to see. But definitely a worthy film to see.

The plot follows Tami, who is adventurous and has not returned home for years. But she meets Richard, who is an avid sailor. They share stories about there personal life. They both fall for each other. Richard gets an offer from another couple, which are traveling back to England. And are offering him $10,000 to sail there boat back to San Diego. Richard and Tami agree. Until only, they get caught with hurricane Raymond. Which destroys their boat and leaves Richard severely wounded. Tami being her first time sailing. Is going to have to learn to navigate the open water and ration supplies. While the hallucinations, dehydration, and the struggle to survive keeps her moving.

The film opens to the audience with Tami waking up after the hurricane has damaged their sailboat. She is wounded, confused, and lost when she gets on top to realize they are in the middle of nowhere. And Richard overboard and nowhere to be seen. Than, it flashes back to months before the hurricane and showcases of Tami meeting Richard. Going on beautiful scenery hikes, sailing, and falling for each other as they watch the sunset. The movie does work well with two different time frame narratives with one Tami and Richard trying to survive and navigate a broken sail boat. While the other is them building there relationship.

Shailene Woodley did give a great performance. She is beautiful as an independent girl being adventurous and taking her time exploring around the world. Sam Claflin was good too, as a sailor and enjoys sailing in the open waters with living life on the edge facing against being isolated and trying to survive.

Director Baltasar Kormakur did well with handling this survival/romance story. He captured some beautiful shots of sunset and sailing in the ocean. Delivered a thrilling hurricane sequence with a sailboat facing against giant waves that are seconds away from crushing it. The film does have a twist which some may predict it while others may be surprised and heartbroken.

I did feel like the film was a bit anti climatic in the third act. It dragged a little in the last ten minutes of the movie. With a little added exposition with the character.

Overall, Adrift is a pretty fair romantic drama film. With a story and concept of romance and survival were characters are facing against hallucinations, hunger, and trying to navigate the open waters. Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin both delivered with their performances. And the two narratives worked great in keeping the pace moving with the love story and getting straight to the point with the aftermath of the hurricane.

I definitely recommend seeing the film in theatres if you enjoy watching heartbreaking survival movies with a bit of a love story.

Adrift review by Niki Kefala – Suspenseful and romantic

“Adrift” is a good survival drama that you know what to expect but Shailene Woodley makes it more emotionally satisfying than it would be otherwise. All the performances are exceptional, directed with good pace and beautiful cinematography and effects by Baltasar Kormakur.

This realistic, suspenseful and romantic, true story it’s not quite as exciting as watching Blake Lively fighting against sharks in “The Shallows” from two summers ago, but there’s still enough of interest to keep the new nautical drama “Adrift” afloat. And of course it is always refreshing to see a film where a female protagonist isn’t passively waiting for a rescue. Overall it is an entertaining film with a solid dramatization of real events.

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