Acrimony 123movies – Watch Acrimony full movie online free

Watch Acrimony full movie online free – Though it has not been what we had expected from a day to day movie, the directing and acting makes us swing moods and takes sides at every seconds and the opposite in the next minutes like we could not have a mind of our own. Taraji, I believe could have done more, but probably playing by the script. overall a twigging and wonder filled movie for every young couple.

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Acrimony 123movies – Watch Acrimony full movie online free

Acrimony review by Dynver – Best Tyler Perry movie-to-date

This movie stands out from all the other Tyler Perry movies. Taraji P. Henson’s acting was outstanding as usual and the plot was very well-written. Taraji did a great job as portraying the fed up wife that decided it’s time to fight back. Going into the theater, I thought this was going to be another sappy love story gone bad. But, this movie proved me wrong. I definitely recommend seeing this movie.

Acrimony review by allen-coatesjr – Not What I Was Expecting…

Went on Date Night with Wifey to see something else and ended up seeing this. After reading the synopsis I was not feeling to see another ‘Scorned woman due to abusive husband’ movie. As the movie opens that’s the feel you get, but as the movie goes on, your thoughts of how the movie will continue will actually divide; as my ideas and my wife’s did. Tyler really did a Fantastic job with this movie. Makes one think, Is it HER fault, is it HIS fault, is it the FAMILIES fault. After the movie it will lead many to converse about it afterwards.

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Acrimony review by Chipper Xavier – A One-way Ticket To Hell.

Melinda Moore (Ajiona Alexus & Taraji P. Henson) tries to fulfill her parent’s dream of obtaining a college education. On her way home from studying, Melinda runs into Robert Gayle (Antonio Madison & Lyriq Bent), and the two develop a fast friendship. As their relationship develops at the dismay of Melinda’s meddling family, will the couple live happily ever after, or will their behavior tear them apart?

Writer-director Tyler Perry (Good Deeds, For Colored Girls, The Family That Preys) delivers a surprisingly nuanced thriller with Acrimony. The cinematography, script and story are all first rate, which allows the actors to shine and deliver outstanding performances.

Ajiona Alexus lights up the screen as the younger version of Melinda, while Taraji P. Henson delivers a true descent into madness with her portrayal of the older, present-day Melinda. Lyriq Bent as the mature Robert becomes more of a sympathetic character than the viewer might have expected due to his excellent ability to embody Robert’s humanity.

Make no mistake – the film is not high art, nor does it pretend to be. We are treated to a bleak depiction of human nature as well as an honest portrayal of mental illness. Fortunately, Mr. Perry has an excellent sense of humor – even at their most depraved, the characters manage to make us guffaw with laughter.

As thrillers go, Acrimony officially enters the Hollywood hall of fame as one of the slickest, nastiest, and most hilarious films of 2018 – quite an achievement for a movie filmed in only eight days.

Acrimony review by loveglow10 – Don’t expect an Oscar movie. It’s a Great Movie!!

Tyler did an excellent job with this film. Especially for it to had been shot in 8 days. Taraji was AMAZING!!!! I only have a few nitpicks…the story of their younger self was too long for me, the ocean set at TP Studios needs work, the green screen work looks cheap by today’s standards, and Tarajis narrating was too structured at some points. Overall I really enjoyed the movie. I want to see it again!! We stood outside talking about it with other moviegoers lol. Definitely worth a watch!!

Acrimony review by Hnanziri – My Review

Good job Tyler and Taraji. From this movie it was clear that Robert’s strong belief in his education made him irresponsible. Robert always had an excuse of the “battery”. Probably Melinda had to make the relationship work just like any other young girl, but it hurt to see her not supported enough by Robert. The least he could do is pretend with a job while at school to suprise his girl. Because he waited so long for a big opportunity, he had to first catchup with any job before he got the “JOB”. The tendency for guys to give the what is meant for their wives to other women pissed me off.

Acrimony review by raquel_pompey – Solid movie. She always delivers a solid performance

This movie to me was good because it kept my attention and I never thought “is it over yet?” Taraji was perfect for this role. She played her character well. It was good to me because there was so many different points of view you could see things from. She had her side, he had his and you could see different things from both point of views. I’m not saying it was the best movie in the world lol but it was a descent movie. Can you wait for it to come on Redbox? I mean yeah but you can wait for anything to come to redbox…. depends on how bad you want to see it. I don’t regret going tonight theatre for this release. Good just Taraji!

Acrimony review by mitchellapril-6264 – Not your typical ‘Husband Cheating on His Wife’ Perry film.

If you think this movie is about a vengeful wife that caught her husband cheating, you’re way off, like I was. Guys, this story is much different than Tyler’s norm! The acting was meh, hence the 7 rating, but the actual STORY was something deep and it caught me by surprise for sure. Give it a try and who knows, maybe you be rooting for the husband by the time the credits roll!

Acrimony review by rockman182 – Acrimony (2018)

Yes, I know. Tyler Perry films kind of suck. I liked one or two here and there but by no means were they films that I would see myself going back to or giving an afterthought to. I didn’t see any trailers for Acrimony and decided it was best to go in blind and not knowing thing. I am glad I did, although I don’t think it would have had an effect on my opinion of the film. The film boasts a powerhouse performance from Taraji P. Henson and was actually a very entertaining time.

Melinda (Henson) narrates the story of her snake of an ex-husband. We see her young days as she meets Robert, her future husband. He seems to be a con artist and even cheats on her, yet despite her sisters’ objections and her own anger she gets back with him. Fast forward, 18 or so years he is still a deadbeat with no job and only seems to cost her money as he focuses on one project that has been his only drive for decades. She also starts thinking that he may be cheating again and must assess the tolls that he is taking on her.

I tried very hard to summarize a general but vague plot for the film because the film has many twists and turns and its best to just experience them. Character’s turn on their heads and you have no idea whose side you are on. Who is even good or bad? Finally, Perry gives me a film I felt very satisfied with and one I felt deserves praise. Some of the events may seem illogical but are there any limits to crazy? It’s insane, and at times over the top but it’s the kind of theater entertainment I needed with heavy drama and thrills.

Taraji is utilized well here, which is good. I feel like Proud Mary really failed her talents and attempt to branch into a bad ass hero type role but she puts in a good performance here nonetheless. She’s likable and then unlikable, she thrives in the role. I’m still not sure if it’s because the film is fresh on my mind. I mean, the personal rating and reflection of the film may go down with time but for now I’m impressed that Tyler Perry was able to write and direct a wholly entertaining film.


Acrimony review by Maruugaa – Would’ve been good if not for the narration

The movie has very original story line, and the ending is nothing what you’d expect from the beginning. The acting is good. The scrip is good. There is an actual plot, which seems to be hard to find in books, movies, and tv shows lately now that everything is just action and CGI.

Only 2 things were wrong with this movie: 1) It was too long for the story. They could’ve cut it down by 15-20 minutes 2) The movie starts as a recollection told by Melinda(Taraji), and the whole first half is narrated while it’s happening. I kind of felt that I was watching a play as a opposed to a movie for a while. I would’ve liked it better had the whole thing just been chronological.

The last 45 minutes of the movie were gold.

I don’t understand why this movie has such low reviews. All the people rating this under 5 need to go watch Red Sparrow so they can see what an actual horrible movie is like.

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