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Watch A Quiet Place online free – I knew before I went into this movie that it was going to be good. I just knew. But I did not think it would be THIS good. This is horror done right. A family living in complete silence of something lurking in the shadows. A movie based around silence. Every sound you hear and every move each character makes puts you on edge in fear of whatever it is that they’re avoiding catching them. Not every single horror is going to scare everyone. It’s just a fact. Some people are afraid of different things. However, you know when a horror movie is done right if it grips you and makes you feel the intensity that it’s trying to portray. The directing was excellent aswell as the acting of every single actor/actress in this movie. They make the situation they’re going through and the emotions they feel believable, causing you to care for them and hoping they survive. My teeth were clenched (almost) throughout the whole movie. You hardly get a break to breathe. This movie is brilliantly shot, executed and overall an outstanding new entry to the genre of horror/thriller. Although it may not be as scary as some may have hoped for, it definitely puts you on edge in its entirety.

A Quiet Place 123movies – Watch A Quiet Place online free

A Quiet Place review by gml-91328 – Silence is Golden!

I went into the theater sort of having an idea of what to expect, but was certainly not expecting what i got. “A Quiet Place” was easily the most stressed that I’ve been watching a movie in a long time. I was legitimately on the edge of my seat from the second the film started to it’s climactic ending. The acting from not only the kids but Emily and John were both superb.

I loved this idea of survival, living in a world of silence, threatened not only by noise but also by the monsters that are waiting for the slightest sound to come about. We don’t know where they came from, how this all started or even what their purpose is, but what we do know is how ruthless they are.

So much emotion played out in both a sad and terrifying way from each member of the family that you connect with all of them separately. The dramatic and horror aspect of the film really worked together to creat the masterpiece that was “A Quiet Place”.

A Quiet Place review by Josh Barton – One of the most intense cinematic experiences you could wish for.

Horror has been flourishing in the past few years with a number of releases proving you can actually scare an audience if you put the time and effort into the craft of a film. John Krasinski, most famous for playing the role of Jim Halpert in The Office, brings us a new horror in the form of A Quiet Place, and the result is one of the most intense cinematic experiences you could wish for.

Evelyn and Lee Abbott (played by real life couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski) live with their two children, Regan (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus (Noah Jupe), on a farm. They live every day in silence to survive the threat of creatures that hunt by sound.

The simplicity of the concept makes A Quiet Place such a fascinating prospect but it’s the execution that excels it to soaring heights. Krasinski has crafted a horror film that grabs you in a vice-like grip from the very first shot, not letting go until the end credits start to roll, honing in perfectly on the use of sound and silence for some of the most intense sequences in recent memory.

The fear factor in A Quiet Place comes from the tension and suspense Krasinski develops throughout, a true standout sequence being when a heavily pregnant Evelyn finds herself evading a creature as she goes into labour. It’s moments like this one that had me gripping the arms of my seat and holding my breath numerous times throughout.

Coming to the performances, A Quiet Place possesses the rarest of the rare in horror films with a cast who all deliver great performances. Parents should always be protective of their children but the situation they find themselves in here adds another layer to that and Blunt and Krasinski excel in showing the desperation they face to keep their children safe. Child actors always make me feel a little cautious going into a film however, both are very good here, Simmonds in particular. As a deaf actress, Simmonds adds an authenticity to proceedings and her performance is one not to be overlooked.

There were a few scenes I wish Krasinski had elaborated on more but those are just a few minor issues I had that can take a back seat to the ingenuity shown in the crafting of a horror film that has the makings of a classic. It’s worth noting that the entire audience was in total silence throughout, a sign that this film is well and truly having the desired effect.

A Quiet Place review by Shannonmillar – Entertaining

Do not listen to cynical reviews it is from people who are so egotistical that they can’t watch a movie and just live in the fantasy and story that your watching.

Shade aside this film was absolutely fantastic my girlfriend loves horror films and 9 out 10 times I refuse to watch it because it looks so terrible or I do watch it and it is indeed terrible but on the odd occasion I’ll see a trailer for something that looks like it could be a pretty cool story line, this was so much more than that! Way better than I had expected. It had me on the edge of my seat the whole time with my jaw hanging from the suspense.

Reminded me of ‘hush’ from Netflix but it has si-fi monsters which usually puts me off but it’s not super wacky so you can kind of go along with it. Deserves 10/10 because the actors were great it was cool to watch and a bit different with the lack of dialogue made the room feel empty and so easy to imerse in there suspense, I left the cinema feeling totally satisfied. If your into thrillers I would definitely recommend!

A Quiet Place review by TyJustice – Not your typical horror flick

John Krasinski stars and directs in this horror film where the setting is simple – you make a sound, you die.

The acting is superb all around, from John Krasinski, to Emily Blunt, to Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds who play the children. Given the premise, dialogue is not much of an option therefore the plot relies heavily on body language and facial expression to drive the story forward, and all of the actors play wonderfully into that narrative. Emily Blunt, however is certainly the standout as she delivers what is certainly one of the most memorable roles of her career, playing opposite John Krasinski as his pregnant wife.

There are a few problems I have with the plot. There’s definitely a handful of conveniences that took me out of it, and if you’re the type that consciously reads into the setting past what we’re told in the story then you’ll probably notice some fallacies as well. Putting those aside however, there is a lot to like about the albeit predictable plot, and the film has a lot of opportunity to create a tense, frightening moment and John Krasinski directs the scenes well. I will concede that a couple jump scares come off as relatively cheap and unwarranted but it wasn’t overly detrimental to my experience.

The biggest surprise for me going into it is just how much John Krasinski wanted to make the story revolve around the characters, not the monster. It made the narrative that much more emotional and powerful and I appreciate that John didn’t want to churn out another factory made creature feature like we see so often. John did a great job at making me like these characters and creating an emotional attachment made tense scenes a lot more frightening and concerning.

In conclusion, I highly recommend checking out A Quiet Place to anyone looking for a quality horror film that has a unique story and remarkable acting.

A Quiet Place review by Jtindahouse – 90 minutes of extreme suspense

The opening scene in ‘A Quiet Place’ is one of the best I can remember in recent memory. It is perfectly crafted in every way. It would actually make a terrific little 5 minute short film all on its own. What it does so perfectly is that it sets the tone for the entire movie. The situation is made clear to the audience and then the reason for that situation is presented in brutal and compelling fashion. I was actually left with goosebumps as the title appeared on the screen. Luckily that was only the beginning of good things from what is a terrific horror movie.

There’s a whole bunch of early M Night. Shyamalan being channeled in this movie. In fact if you’d told me he’d written and directed it I would have had no doubt you were telling the truth. The suspense most of all. You are literally on edge from minute one and until the credits roll. Not many films can achieve that. In fact not many films can achieve any suspense these days so that just shows how impressive it is to have it there for an entire run time.

The jump-scares in the movie are terrific for two reasons. First of all, they are almost all to do with the story and are genuinely things you should be jumping from. This isn’t always the case, but near enough. Secondly, because of the concept of the whole movie needing to be quiet, when a sound rips across the screen it gives you much more a jolt than usual. It’s something you really have to experience to know what I mean, but trust me when I say it works.

I loved almost everything about this movie. It was masterfully shot (especially for such an inexperienced director), the creatures looked great and I genuinely cared about each and every character. I love films like this that work because they are proof that there is still hope for the horror genre yet.

A Quiet Place review by SmashandNasty – Uniquely tense, a great thriller

Our take: See it in theaters and hope that the rest of the theater can stay quiet. Post-credit scene: No.

Krasinski shines in his directorial debut, keeping the audience’s attention from start to grand finale. The whole film keeps you tense but also allows for moments of laughter and tears. It’s shot exceptionally, and there’s really nothing to complain about directorially.

It’s also not often that a film is so drastically different from everything else in theaters. This one would almost be better seen at home on Netflix where a viewer could control their surroundings. At the same time, the film is exceptional on the big screen if the rest of the audience can cooperate. The film is almost entirely shot without verbalized words, but even without speaking, the characters are able to connect and communicate their devotion to one another through something as simple as eye contact, which is often taken for granted in film. Silence is often unnerving and its use in the horror genre is relatively pervasive, but to take the suspense of silence and extend it to something feature-length. The creativity and the guts to commit to something so risky really paid off.

One of the best aspects of the film is the casting of deaf actress Millicent Simmonds as the deaf daughter, Regan. Not only is the representation important, but the way Krasinski handles the character herself is impeccable. Even in the aspects of sound mixing when the movie is from Regan’s point of view is amazing – there’s a complete lack of even ambient noise. Following an Oscar year where the Best Picture film was both praised for featuring a character with a disability in the lead and criticized for failing to cast an actress with that disability to play her (the mute Elisa played by Sally Hawkins in The Shape of Water) it’s good to know that directors and storytellers are taking the steps to ensure that not only are they including representation in film, but they are actually being representative.

Featuring: Some serious lapses in logic, but that doesn’t take away from the film. It’s a horror movie after all, what would it be without the need for some serious suspension of disbelief.

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