Victoria & Abdul – Extremely emotional and full of love

Classy love has long been a hot topic in many movies. It could be a relationship between a lady and a valet, or between a princess and a robber. After all, they, all come together very happy. Victoria & Abdul is a movie similar to that, but this is not the typical male and female love but it is the sentiment between a teacher and student, one of the most sacred relationships of the child. people. The special thing here is the origin of these two people when the communicator is a librarian specializing in recording the names of prisoners and the remaining is the mighty queen of the mighty United Kingdom. So how can they come together when the body separates one from the sky like that? That is a miracle.

The scenario is based on a true story of how Queen Victoria inadvertently met and invited an Indian librarian to teach her Hindi as well as all that India knew he had left, imperial court. It would have nothing to say if England had officially ruled India for 29 years. The English noblemen regarded the Indians as slaves no less, so it was unacceptable for a first-class librarian to be a private servant and then to become a teacher for the Queen. OK. The two of them have struggled a lot, especially as the Queen has even given up all her servants for years to retain Karim Abdul.

How to build the image of the Queen is really interesting. One can only see the powerful flashy appearance of a person who is a symbol of a nation. Ordinary people only see when she appears on television or at royal royal feasts but few know how deep inside her is human beings. Contrary to her strong, cold and full-bodied appearance, she was a melancholy and extremely desperate man. Considering the fecundity of a mother, a wife, she has lost the most loving woman, her children look forward to the day she lost the title to succeed. As a Queen, in addition to taking care of boring tide jobs, she also had to deal with her secret conspiracy to subvert her in Buckingham Palace itself. For an 81 year old woman, that’s too much.

Actress Judi Dench has shown the inner character of Victoria is very impressive, especially the eye. I could almost see through her eyes, from emotionlessness, coldness to anger and happiness. Her voice is not very much but every word she says is very tough steel is sometimes very gentle. That makes me want to see what the Queen is like, is what I think or not. All of my focus was on Judi’s side more and more because I thought she had a great performance of her character, despite the fact that the other cast members did her job well. was completely overshadowed by her.

While everyone looked at her with a scared eye, I felt that she was a lonely and pitiful old woman. She has everything but nothing. The queen is a testimony to the saying “Money can not buy happiness.” Yes, even though she was in charge of the most powerful country at the time, she was able to do everything in one word, but for her and for most of the women in the world. One is a happy family. And she found in Abdul that. It was Abdul, a completely alien man who showed her that the world was still beautiful, and that there was something for her to hope for.

Overcoming all prejudices, opposition and even threats, she resolved to defend herself to the person she considered to be the family. On the side of Abdul, she was like a child who first explored the outside world after a long time just hanging around the palace. Every act, every gesture of her now no longer look more majestic Queen, but instead is the image of an old school girl is hard-working writing each line, enjoy babbling the sentence from learning. Again, I must express my admiration for Judi’s great psychological transformation as well as her wonderful character.

Victoria & Abdul is a comedy, but for me it’s a sentimental film that gives new insights into one of the longest reigning monarchs in history. The film gave me a hard-to-describe feeling, a very different mindset about true love. Victoria & Abdul will make you laugh but then make you cry.

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