Travel to the virtual reality world with 19 top-notch movies

From the 70s to the present, the virtual reality (VR) line has grown not only in terms of techniques but also in the way of exploiting characters and contexts.

Ready Player One will be released on March 30th here promising to be the next superstar blockbuster Steven Spielberg. Based on the novel by writer Ernest Cline, the film will bring the virtual world OASIS to silver screen.

However, this is not the first time that a virtual world has been re-imagined with all the potential and the hidden threats. Discovering other universes, liberating your mind from the limited imagination to “explode” with a series of bizarre events has been the mainstay of the Doctor Who or Rick and Morty.

Before joining OASIS, let’s make a trip through the five milestones corresponding to the films that have written the virtual reality (VR) on the screen.

1. 1973: Welt am Draht / World on a Wire

Welt am Draht, also known as World on a Wire, is a German miniseries based on the novel by Daniel F Galouy. Brilliant, scary and suspenseful, this would be a “tonic” if you love so much the beauty of the 1970s that works such as A Clockwork Orange.

The film tells the story of the murder of professor Vollmer, a genius who created a virtual world called Simulacron. The birth of this environment has created a series of conspiracy theories, murder and a lot of trouble. With the techniques and scenarios ahead of time, unfortunately, World on a Wire is not widely known until today.

2. 1976: Doctor Who – The Deadly Assassin

This is not the only episode where the virtual reality appears in Doctor Who, but it is the most important episode since it was made so long ago. In this episode, Doctor Nick (Tom Baker) travels into a virtual world called Matrix (!?) Dangerous.

3. 1983: Brainstorm

The Brainstorm follows a team of scientists led by Michael Brace (played by Christopher Walken) who develops a device such as a hat that captures the emotions and experiences of the user and is then stored for humans another to use. This is a dream come true for the followers of the science fiction series, with all the wires and devices connected to the brain as well as the wonderful dreams.

What prevented Brainstorm from becoming a mass-produced masterpiece was the tragic death of lead actress Natalie Wood during the filming. Brainstorm was delayed for years, with MGM withdrawing funds and director Douglas Trumball left the industry shortly thereafter.

4. 1987 – 1994: Star Trek – The Next Generation

There are a lot of futuristic technologies already on board the USS Enterprise and many simulated realities. But if you want to talk about the evolution of virtual reality on the screen can not fail to mention the role of Holodeck.

It is a device that can create a 3D image of a person or thing. It is used for training warriors, allowing characters to visualize the environment. Holodeck first appeared in the 1970s Star Trek animated series but had to wait for The Next Generation to play a key role in the development of Star Trek’s technology, scripts and characters.

5. 1988: Red Dwarf – Better Than Life

Better Than Life is the second installment in the second season of the Red Dwarf series, also the name of a virtual reality game in which all players’ thoughts can be realized. It is because of such boastfulness that gamers are addicted to Better Than Life because they can create the perfect world for themselves.

6. 1990: Total Recall

This is a remarkable work in the 1990s inspired by the story of Philip K. Dick’s We Can Remember It For You Wholesale by bringing on a lot of guns, crazy characters and of course not Arnold Schwarzenegger missing. Future exploration where virtual memories are implanted in the human brain and large corporations ruled the world (sound familiar?).

7. 1992: The Lawnmower Man

The movie was supposed to be based on Stephen King’s short story of the same name, but aside from a single scene borrowed, and the fact that Stephen King was suing the crew as their film was unrelated to his story. , there is nothing to make the audience contact between the two works.

The film tells the story of a lawn mower named Jobe participated in the experiment of Dr. Lawrence Angelo from Virtual Space. He was drugged and experienced a lot of virtual reality in hopes of making him smart. The process has been successful, but the side effects that affect Jobe’s nerves are no different than a warning to those who use VR until today.

8. 1996: Johnny Mnemonic

A few years before Keanu Reeves joined the Matrix, he was involved in VR tests with cyberpunk-style Johnny Mnemonic. Neo’s main character, no John Wick, is not it, Johnny who has a brainpower to store information because sensitive information is too important to send over the Net. Like many of the films on the list, this is not the original film that is roughly based on William Gibson’s book of the same name.

9. 1995: Strange Days

In the world of Strange Days, some people who own SQUID – an illegal device that records the whole thing they see, feel and do. Others can buy SQUID plates on the black market to experience. The film follows two policemen in an effort to prevent crime with a series of clues revealed through the SQUID discs.

10. Virtuosity

For some reason, great minds in Virtuosity have created something called SID stands for Sadistic, Intelligent and Dangerous. It is the virtual reality simulating portraits of all serial killers in history. The problem is that the virtual people escaped out of reality, so have to ask Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe to save the world.

11. 1999: The Matrix

This is probably the most famous virtual reality movie because it has built a virtual universe and a whole bunch of complex concepts over time. Mankind turns out to be living in a virtual reality controlled by the robots, the Matrix is ​​everywhere, everyone can feel but no one recognizes the lies surrounding themselves.

12. 1999: eXistenZ

The film features Jennifer Jason Leigh and Jude Law talking about a virtual reality game that controls all the other virtual reality games, which if you want to join you have to plug a fear straight into the spinal cord. Scary, catchy and obsessive, eXistenZ makes Canadians proud of their work.

13. 2010: Tron Legacy

Tron: Legacy is the sequel to Tron (1982) that continues to bring audiences to explore the virtual world and fight in glowing costumes. Tron (1982) is one of the first movies to have the support of computer graphics and has greatly influenced the history of film world from then on. Not only beautiful, Tron is also a brand that inspires never-ending designs for costumes, vehicles and technology.

14. 2016: Black Mirror – San Junipero

Although the Black Mirror film is really excellent, it is also very tired and brain-damaged to look at the future with the same eyes as the characters in the movie, especially our relationship with technology. . That’s why the San Junipero film was touched by people for at least a positive outcome. The film revolves the power of VR and refreshed the line of virtual reality, which has long been dominated by violent, violent genres.

15. 2016: Black Mirror – Playtest

Just had a little hope in San Junipero, Black Mirror has extinguished the emotions of the audience with a playthest dark and hard to watch. The virtual reality game in this episode is designed to make players afraid of bust and disorientation, as well as the emotions that the audience has to endure to the end of the film.

16. 2017: Rick and Morty – Mortynight Run

There are a lot of fascinating, crazy and brain-damaging technologies in the animated series Rick and Morty, but the movie Mortynight Run impresses with a VR game called Roy Life: A Life Well Lived. Players will play the character for a few minutes but they have the feeling of living the whole life as characters Roy: born, grow up married, sick, old age. When Roy dies, the player wakes up and completes his turn.

In the movie, Morty’s character Roy wins the cancer and dies of … falling, even as Morty wakes up he still does not stop babble on his “virtual life”.

17. 2017: OtherLife

OtherLife revolves around a type of virtual reality that exists in the form of memories that a scientist invents. She opposed the government when they wanted to use her research to imprison human beings in virtual reality.

18. 2018: Altered Carbon – Force of Evil

Similar to OtherLife, Altered Carbon’s character Takeshi Kovacs in Force of Evil was locked up in a virtual reality where he was literally dead. Takeshi had to try a lot to get out of this intellectual trap.

19. 2018: Ready Player One

In the world of Ready Player One, the devastating reality pushes the protagonist youth into OASIS – a virtual world where people can become whatever they want. The founder of OASIS left behind an “Easter Egg” – the key to virtual arena possession that all humanity aspires to.

It can be seen that the stream of virtual reality has opened the way for creative thinking about future technology, and also predicts the problems that arise when people overuse it. Enjoying these 19 films will not be enough to draw a picture of the VR on screen, but it can help you get an idea of ​​how filmmakers look at this potential technology.

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