The theory of everything – When love helps us overcome everything

The genius physicist Stephen Hawking has always researched for the “Theory of Everything” that his passion for science has convinced him to exist, a theoretical existence for all. the universe, the other God. Love is probably the perfect answer for his Theory of Everything. It was directed by British director James Marsh very well through the movie Theory of Everything, about the great relationship he and his wife.

In 1988, Stephen Hawking’s “A Brief History of Time” was published, with the ability of a genius, to give every reader a great experience to understand Time with Knowledge. Physics, mathematics, and astronomy are written in the most accessible and understandable language. He was paralyzed, unable to speak, could not move his limbs, all his mental activity was recorded through a computer that could read the mind. And until now, he has worked hard to find the “theory of everything” that his passion for science had believed existed, and there existed a theory for all existence. on the other side of God. Love is probably the perfect answer for his Theory of Everything. It was directed by British director James Marsh very well through the movie Theory of Everything, about the great relationship he and his wife.

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Like all other students, Stephen Hawking (Eddie Redmayne) goes out with a passion for science, he goes out with his friends, has a friend, and has a girl that he can not take his eyes and he comes across a party. school. An art school girl and a science boy. The affection of them budding, intelligent, humorous and understand each other. The beginning of the film, when Stephen Hawking has not fallen ill with a beautiful simplicity, it does not lose any romantic film. Color film, the expression of the eye, the accident, the space meet, not new but never old. It signals tragedy, but it also signals the sincerity and elicit a lot of emotion in Stephen Hawking’s well-known work life.

The evil monster arrives, Stephen Hawking embraces with the collapse and he decides to alienate everyone. Doctors diagnosed him to have lived for only two years, and during that time, the median nerve endings of the bridge would be dying, his limbs twitching, his body becoming increasingly unable to control himself. . Jane (Felicity Jones) knows, but she still decides to marry Stephen Hawking, a true story in the context of romance novels. The miraculous thing happened, Stephen Hawking was alive, he was only handicapped, forever, but his brain was always lucid, he had children, and his life, was like all ordinary people. Or he always thinks that his family is like all other normal families.

Deeply rooted in the sentiment, director James Harsh has not been far from the genius of Stephen Hawking’s astronomers. That aspect was enough to mark the major milestones of his life, such as the completion of his doctoral dissertation, a talk with scientists around the world about his theory … The highlight of his intellect was spoken justly. Instead, a very hawking stephen is highlighted and shown very well from young actor Eddie Redmayne. In an interview, it was Stephen Hawking who said, I thought I was on the screen myself. It must be the most precious compliment for his role that Eddie wants to receive.

Indeed, Eddie has had a huge breakthrough in acting since the faded role in Les Miserables (2012). Thanks to him, a powerful Stephen Hawking, clever and witty, appears to be very close and true. With the help of his wife, he always tries to keep his family normal, the happy moments of his wife and children, directed by James Harsh delicate color adjustment to the same. Documentary film brought a lot of emotion. Beautiful moments for a beautiful soul lying in a sick body.

From then on, the more we love each other, the more they love each other for each other. The sentiment from love to love and responsibility, it contains sympathy, devotion, understanding. Hawking sometimes over-simplifies to realize the need for his help, the hard work of his wife. Jane is a woman like every other woman, the strongest of which does not cover the need for a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes she bends up, takes on unusual family, sometimes she is helpless. The conflict of the couple is expressed thoroughly, not forced. The great acting of two young actors, Eddie and Felicity Jones, is matched by the romantic and dramatic angles of Benoît Delhomme. The film has a beautiful, lovely, rich message transmission of love and energy.

James Harsh is a documentary director who has had a huge impact on Man On Wire. Therefore, he has eyes on the truth, the reality is very objective without rigid. He rebuilt part of Stephen Hawking’s personal life very well, giving true feelings to the viewer, giving us a very human look, very ordinary about the great scientist who won illness to follow his dream. Throughout his life, Stephen Hawking sought to find a theory for all things. Theory can explain everything in place of the shaping of God. But I think, the theory itself is inside him, that is love. The beautiful love of two young souls, pure between Jane Hawking and Stephen Hawking created everything around him. Children, jobs, passion and attitude never give up life.

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