The mysterious relationship between Thanos and Deadpool?

Deadpool and Thanos seem to be two people who are unrelated to each other but the reality is quite the opposite.

In fact, the two characters who stand at these two opposing extremes have a very strong connection. The connection between these two characters is Death, the symbol of Marvel’s death.

The origin of Thanos in the Marvel Universe is not revealed much. Most of the viewers watching the movie about Marvel superhero are known only as a tyrant, holding great power in the universe. Not only that, he also possesses the passion of frenzy for death and destruction. It is sad to be treated by his ugly appearance because of his ugliness in Thanos. And then a distant day in the past, Thanos knows the existence of the Death God and fell in love with her.

As the name of Death, this character is the death goddess of the Marvel universe, as long as life is still alive Death. The fans of the comics all know that Thanos loves death so much, crazy and blind, he used to have the power of infinity gloves to destroy half of the life of a universe just to impress and take heart. Death. With Death all the same, Death is the only goal and meaning on the journey seeking power and strength for himself.
But Death only responds to him with indifference, in another world and in another life, Death accidentally met Wade Wilson – who later known as Deadpool.

Wade Wilson was a former CIA killer and assassin but soon discovered he had cancer while staying with his girlfriend Vanessa. Not wanting Vanessa to suffer, Wade decides to break up with her and abandon radiotherapy altogether because she does not want to extend the inevitable.
A glimmer of hope came to him in the Weapon X. Eager to get rid of the evil cancer, Wade is willing to take part in this project, gaining the healing power he has gained from Wolverine Wolves, cancer temporarily blocked.

In one of the project’s missions, Wade was expelled from the party for killing his comrades. Later, Wade was transferred to a new “home” – Hospice, a governmental organization dedicated to “special” subjects such as Wade. However, at this new home, Wade has been tormented by Dr. Killebrew’s experiment, where Wade is pushed into crazy and pathological experiments, transforming the dreadful body of life to die down to nothing. many times. It is because of the passing between life and death, along with a life of fate that always woke Wade accidentally attracted the attention of Death.
From here the love of Death and Deadpool soon caught the jealous eyes of another, a person with the status and strength to rise to the space. Yes, no one else is Thanos. Seeing his lover bring his heart to another, Thanos curses Deadpool with “life” for our mercenary immortality and forever can never reunite with Death.

The fight between the two characters has begun, and Thanos has repeatedly beat Deadpool, but this guy’s mouth will not lose him will not love him continue to love Death to the guy “purple sweet” angry

At one time death was missing and all living things in the universe became immortal. Deadpool finds out about Thanos and accuses the crazy Titan of being the cause of the whole incident. Anger Thanos withdrew the curse and one hand turned Deadpool into a pile of mucus. But shortly afterwards, he learns that Deadpool is the only person who can communicate with Death. Killing him also lost the link with the person he loves. To get rid of the ultimate hatred Thanos forced to revive Deadpool to “ask for help” him. After this, Deadpool is very cocky he blatantly repeatedly teasing Thanos makes relationship between two more and more contradictions.

But the confrontation between the two rivals has not come to an end when they find out that Death was abducted by Eternity and decided to rescue the love. Finally, it turns out that Death was the one who snatched Thanos’ assassin to destroy Eternity – which represents the life and death of Death. Awakening the “hero” inside him and wanting to stop the erosion of this dimension, Deadpool accidentally inherited the power of Uni-Power, which responded to the courage in the universe. The incarnation becomes the Captain Universe, Deadpool directly confronts Thanos before blowing the Titan into thousands of debris.

Here we see the close relationship between the two, although Thanos very strong, can destroy the universe but in the end his “engraved” is a little clown mouthful, many tricks – Deadpool. He can get the love of Death that Thanos forever not get. How miserable for our true love?

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