The impressive pink ball in “Pacific Rim: Wake Up”

As the wave of movie fans continues to boom in anticipation of the Pacific Rim Uprising launch, it is also the time of the ongoing International Women’s Day exalted. 08.03, let’s take a look at the prominent female faces in this large-scale fantasy blockbuster.

1. “Strong woman” strong and sensational Ly Van – played by Canh Diem

Pacific Rim: Wake is marking the first appearance of a brand new character, a power figure active in the frontal zone of Jaeger’s defense system. She is the founder and owner of Shao Industries, a private company that works to protect the world from Kaiju attacks in the future. Heartless, cold and determined, nothing seems to stop Ly Van from achieving his goals. And she’s willing to do everything to achieve what she wants.

Breaking the image of the young girl, in clear light, on this return, Diem will be transformed into a powerful and brave woman.

In the last two years, Jing has become one of the brightest stars in the Asian entertainment scene in both the cinema and television. Owning many roles in massive blockbuster films such as Truong Quoc Thanh (2016) and Kong: Dau Le Island (2017), Canh Diem is now on the list of the most active artists in Central China. Contrary to the beautiful and fragile appearance, on the set, Jing has always shown great determination and absolute focus on each role. She is reluctant to take risky scenes and always want to make her own to bring the most realistic footage. With the desire and the spirit of sacrifice for the arts, Canh Diem has been directed by Steven S. DeKnight entrusted role of young commander in the school in the Pacific Rim: Wake up.

For the best role-playing, Canh Diem was very hard and dedicated to cultivate the ability to express and language.

Commenting on his character in the Pacific Rim: “Wake Up, Dagger said:” Few people in the world have such intellectual and professional ethics as Ly Van. Having been a victim of Kaiju’s attack, Ly Van has spent his life trying to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. Although very successful in the career but on the individual side, she always expresses herself as a cold and less friendly person. Power and success, but Ly Van also has weaknesses. ”

2. Legendary icon of a heroic generation Mako Mori – played by Rinko Kikuchi

To leave a deep impression on Pacific Rim (2013) with heroine heroine and heroine Mako Mori, Rinko Kikuchi will return to continue the role in the second part of the movie. After losing his parents in the Kaiju attack many years ago, Mako was rescued and raised by General Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba). Since then, she has been an excellent practitioner of PPDC (Pacific Interstate Defense Corps). Along with Raleigh, Mako is tasked with manipulating robot Jaeger Gipsy Danger to save the world from the massive attack of the Kaiju Kaiju

Ten years after the Great Pacific War, Mako is now the secretary general of PPDC. Meanwhile, her adoptive brother Jake Pentecost abandoned the training and became a guy who is involved in the crime of the underworld. Knowing that Jake was a good pilot, Mako gave him a chance to get away from prison by helping her train the young Cadets. Mako’s true concern was to shake Jake back to his rightful place and become the leader of mankind in the battle of the sea monsters that has evolved over hundreds of times. Pacific Rim: Wake up.

Rinko Kikuchi’s character Mako was “summoned” by her role as the knot in the story of Pacific Rim: Wake up

Kikuchi quickly conquered international audiences with the lead role of Chieko’s deaf student in Babel (2006). The impressive role in the movie earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. With seven Oscar nominations, Babel has made Kikuchi one of Hollywood’s top actresses in Hollywood.

Mako Mori, Japanese actress shared, “During the past 10 years, Mako has struggled to overcome the sadness of the dark past. She lost the one she loved the most. A brave and powerful girl, but now Mako is even more powerful. ”

Rinko Kikuchi is one of the few Asian actors to have a certain place in Hollywood.

3. Amara personality – played by Cailee Spaeny

Living alone in an abandoned building in Santa Monica following the attacks of Kaiju, Amara’s intelligence and personality are always in a state of readiness to cope in the event that these monstrous beasts suddenly return. With her intelligence and talent, she built her own Jaeger from the debris collected as the Scrapper.

Amara first appeared in the movie in a chase scene. Jake was chasing after her for stealing a valuable Jaeger piece he sought. They fought before driving the Jaeger Scrapper to escape the pursuit. Realizing Amara’s talent, Mako sends her to Moyulan Shatterdome along with Jake to train the Cadet.

Producer Boyter commented, “There are a lot of things that Jake has to overcome, but his relationship with Amara has made him more open and forgetful of all the anger and pain he has ever experienced. in relation to his father. “

Coming from a small town in Missouri, Cailee Spaeny won the role of Amara after a nationwide selection. Director DeKnight and the producers were so impressed with Spaeny’s talent that they invited her to Los Angeles just one week after receiving the audiocassette. She recalls, “I met Steven and had a day to make the necessary notes before proceeding with John. That is something I have never experienced before. Most of the auditions make you feel nervous, but with Steven and John, everything is great. I left with the thought of whether or not to receive this role, I also have the most memorable experience in life. ”

Since then, the young 18-year-old has been featured in a number of notable film projects, including Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s On the Basis of Sex and Backseat. directed by Adam McKay.

In the Pacific Rim: Wake up, the giant monster Kaiju returned to attack the Earth after a 10-year absence. Thus, veteran pilot Mako Mori must unite a generation of young pilots who were born and raised during the war against Kaiju to join forces to protect the planet from this massive invasion.

In addition to Rutgers, Rinko Kikuchi and Cailee Spaeny, Pacific Rim: The Wake also features many of the youngest celebrities including actor John Boyega (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Scott Eastwood (Fast & Furious 8) 9x talent Adria Arjona (True Detective) … film directed by Steven S. DeKnight, behind the successful TV series of Marvel Daredevil directed. Meanwhile, the script was penned by four talented writers: Emily Carmichael, Kira Snyder, T.S. Nowlin and the director Steven S. DeKnight.

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