Solo: A Star Wars Story – Long, tough, bad

If you’re looking for a middle-class B-style action movie that’s enough to entertain you, maybe Solo: A Star Wars Story is not bad.

But if you hope a worthy blockbuster Star Wars brand, with deep storyline, characters with accents and a little surprise, then unfortunately, the film nothing but a disappointment overflowing.

Solo: A Star Wars Ron Howard directing Story Main, with the participation of the actor Alden Herenreich (Han Solo), Joonas Suotamo (Chewbacca), Woody Harrelson (Tobias Beckett), Emilia Clarke (Qi’ra), Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian) … revolves around the journey to become the unlucky hero of Han Solo, a pilot, smuggler of the underworld in Corellia. Han Solo accidentally meets Chewbacca and the two become companions from there. Throughout many events, Han Solo from a proud boy became one of the most beloved heroes in the movie world.

Indeed, if you do not have the Star Wars brand, then you would think this is a medium-term action movie. Sadly, Solo: A Star Wars Story from Disney – Lucasfilm with a blockbuster hit the same successful brand as The Last Jedi.

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The greatest weakness and reproach of the film’s content, with building plot, situation, character of extreme poverty, action lacks purpose and profound mess from start to finish makes viewers Not know where that was. Choose the main character Han Solo – legendary Star Wars to exploit, Disney and Lucasfilm seems “lost” more than “being” by Solo: A Star Wars Story does not bring viewing angle new about him, also This exploit is too superficial. A character must develop in personality, perspective, belief … after experiencing many events in life is considered a good character.
But Han from the beginning to the end of the film does not seem to have any change or maturity, although the story is advertised as “the journey becomes his hero”. Topping goats selling dog meat, filmmakers share a bit, but what we see on the film is a path. The depth is not so much that the male lead in the film is too monotonous, and Alden Herenreich’s character can be any hero, in any mediocre action movie.

In addition, Herenreich’s boring performance. Fortunately, the filmmakers have opened the acting class for the guy, otherwise I do not know how bad he is. Even though it’s just full shoulders, but again, this is not Han Solo, it’s just another character trying to become Han Solo. Solo in this film and Harrison Ford’s Solo are simply arrogant and, in addition, nothing else.

Not only the main character, but also the characters are not impressed. Qi’ra thought to play a role of mysterious pretty important, turned out to be the love-turned-counter-traitor.

So how many hypotheses about the major pair of men and women tan smoke. The fact that Qi’ra becomes Han’s lover makes the plot-twist of the movie unworkable because who knows he will eventually pair up with Leia? Emilia Clarke’s acting is beautiful and rounded out, so there’s nothing to say. Tobias Beckett is similar to Qi’ra, which is supposed to have an effect on the character of the male lead later, but in the end, Han stays. No matter how much the Earth spins and how many events take place, he is merely a haughty man. No one needs the blatant, over-the-fact-know-how of the hero that we love.

Poor film sound that film images, film color is also poorly nod. If you choose to film this film, then hope you do not choose the 3D format because the film blind. Comedy has also faded. A non-purpose film, made only for the “milking” unsuccessful Star Wars brand.

Action scenes, explosions and effects are still good, but unfortunately not enough to compensate for the poor content.

If you are a Star Wars fan, it’s best to stay away from this movie, or if you like, you can go and see how bad it is. And if you’re just a movie fan and looking for a movie to kill time, then Solo: A Star Wars Story is not that cheap, Rampage or Fast and Furious recently. Have a little patience, long-line-fat-tired plot-twist of the film can make you irritated.

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