Secret behind the scenes “Deadpool 2” that you only wish to know sooner

The success of “Deadpool 2” has revealed many interesting secrets behind the scenes. It turned out to be costly with limited budget, the film crew has “turn the road” for the audience to have the best experience.

Deadpool 2 follows on from Deadpool (2016), becoming a pet dog at the box office and is critically acclaimed, though the content does not have much to say. The comedy that Ryan Reynolds and his associates have made so many people hungry for, because Deadpool 2’s $ 110 million ($ 110 million) is far less than the current superhero blockbuster.

Throughout this article, we will learn the background of Deadpool 2 and see how the cast and crew bring you a great action and fun movie with a purse pimple.

1. Brad Pitt is paid … a cup of coffee for his guest role

Deadpool 2’s excellent cameo came from Brad Pitt’s youthful Vanisher character, as well as “Lemon Lemon” poses for X-Force, and then jumped on the wire to become BBQ. Although Brad Pitt’s face only appeared for just one or two seconds on the screen, it was enough to make the audience “ramble.”

Turns out to be in this role, he just asked for a minimum of $ 1000 and asked Ryan Reynolds to buy a … cup of cappuccino for himself.

2. Ryan Reynolds has voiced the character Juggernaut

Giant Juggernaut was all done with a computerized technique, but was voiced by Reynolds himself, and even Juggernaut’s face captured the image of Reynolds. Scriptwriter Rhett Reese has confirmed this information. At the end of the film, we find that Juggernaut has survived an electric shock. So, we may see Reynolds continue to voice the character again. In addition, the battle scenes between Colossus, Deadpool and Juggernaut are chanting (a kind of hymn, meditation music) but the lyrics are “dirty” extremely.

3. Fox cut off Disney’s satire by Ryan Reynolds

However, there are jokes not due to Deadpool’s initiative but because of the proposal to do so. Fox made him have to tease Disney.
Although Reynolds did not disclose exactly why 20th Century Fox had to do so, we may have assumed it was related to information about the merger of Disney and Fox. Fox has teased this fusion by releasing a video filmed by Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman and interrupted by the Disney character Pluto.

4. The X-Men characters are not filmed and in the movie use other footage

Deadpool has repeatedly complained that X-Mansion is always empty because the movie crew can not afford to invite the X-men and only the participation of Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. In order to make this superhero less adventurous, Deadpool 2 has included a scene full of Beast, Cyclops, Storm, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver and Professor X.

It turned out the studio still could not afford to invite the other X-Men. In Deadpool 2, X-men characters appearing in X-Mansion only appear for less than 5 seconds. The scene in the movie is from a movie for X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The film crew used special effects to synthesize pairing the two images together.

5. Deadpool should have had a son and Vanessa was alive

The original intention of the film director is Deadpool will have children with Vanessa, which means that Vanessa will not die. However, many female characters in comic books, movies, and television shows are sacrificed or wounded to help heroic characters grow in height. So they chose Vanessa to sacrifice to help Wilson become close with X-men and eventually save Russell.

In fact, in the first drafts of the script, Vanessa was not shot and instead broke up with Deadpool. However, they decided not to follow this scenario because they believed that Deadpool would only do a good job when he was robbed of everything he loved and at the same time he found the meaning of life.

6. Terry Crews has troll fans all over the world by always wearing a blanket on him while filming

Deadpool 2 trailer makers have been marketing the X-Force to the center. In the trailer there is talk of Deadpool wanting to build a super-team to carry out his plans and recruited members to form X-Force. Deadpool has formed a team that looks “super cool” and made the audience excited through the trailer because it includes Shatterstar and Bedlam. But when watching the movie, people will know that all is a big troll when almost the team was “fatal” before even landed on land.

Terry Crews, the actor who plays Bedlam, revealed that he knew about the group’s “activity” and “role” from the beginning. He told Business Insider that the crew was adding some X-force scenes to the trailer for marketing purposes only. In the United States, Terry Crews is famous for being a former rugby player and host for the American version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.

So, in order not to reveal his scenes, during the filming, he always wrapped up the blankets on his body to prevent detection and interviews. The audience was completely surprised to see Bedlam being hit by a bus and Shatterstar ended his fight early as he crashed into a helicopter.
The cast also felt “bad” when cheating fans. Terry Crews said, “I feel really bad, fans are so excited, but for me the goal is to give the audience something they would never expect. put on blankets and walk everywhere to escape detection. ”

7. Deadpool’s katana is an “Easter egg”

Back in January 2018, Ryan Reynolds posted a photo of Deadpool’s sword as an “Easter egg”. In comics, Wade Wilson has a passion for Bea Arthur, who plays Dorothy Zbornak in The Golden Girls. This obsession is very prominent in the comics, after which it was moved to the first Deadpool movie.

Watch Deadpool closely, you can see Wade Wilson wearing a shirt with the face of the actress. Reynolds wants to really honor his character and so he pays $ 10,000 to have the right to use Arthur’s image.

8. The original title of the movie was originally called “Love Machine”

In early 2016, the Deadpool 2 crew revealed that the movie might be called Love Machine, while the movie was in the works. Perhaps this is a joke and refers to the appearance of Cable, a character with mechanical parts that seeks to protect his family and save the loved ones. Revealing the title of the movie is just the intention of the film crew to mislead fans about the plot of Deadpool 2, making the audience think that part 2 is the story of the character Cable.

Then, the film crew decided to keep the title Deadpool 2 because the film content and the name The Machine does not fit together, it was easy to misunderstand because it sounded like … the real pig.

9. Ryan Reynolds must apologize to David Beckham for joking in part 1

You could still remember Deadpool hitting a famous soccer player, David Beckham in the first Deadpool episode, while sitting on the bench talking to Blind Al, Deadpool said teasing Beckham. Since then, the super hero “dirty” seems to have realized his mistake and want to make sure that he will not encounter misunderstandings between him and the football star.

So, to show that she really apologized (or to promote Deadpool 2), Reynolds made a video of Deadpool apologizing to Beckham.
Deadpool texted Beckham that he was sorry and came to the player’s door with various gifts to regain his love. However, after the milk and cookies and mariachi band, Beckham finally accepted the apology with a pair of football tickets.

However, Beckham did not fit the bill by pretending not to understand what was going on. When asked why Beckham thought Deadpool apologized, he mocked a long list of Reynold’s worst films – Green Lantern, Self / less, Blade Trinity and RIPD. Despite what Deadpool did to win back the love of David Beckham, all seems to have gone downhill.

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