Rolling to You – Funny, romantic, interesting and very French

Although a successful middle-aged businessman, Jocelyn (Franck Dubosc) always living prodigal, using his superior lie tales to get the nightly affair. In the “mission” to shed his hot legs long sister, he accidentally entangled in a strange relationship with Florence (Alexandra Lamy). In front of the energetic, talented, witty, charming and delicate woman, Jocelyn was gradually attracted to him and found himself in love. Jocelyn began to fear losing love because Tiara Florece was disabled. In the midst of the deceptive and sincere feelings, what would the dude do to keep true love in the first place?

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When love starts from lies

The story is quite simple, there are not too many climaxes, but this makes the viewer feel the closeness to life and somewhere found themselves in the story. Someone who does not believe in true love, runs after the short-lived; a person who encounters many uncertainties, betrayed and longs to be loved; The two met as a fate to dismantle the mask that hid the true inside. Jocelyn is described by people around the world as middle-aged people should not pretend to love women’s feelings. Through the subtle acting of actor Frank Dubosc, we also see behind the character is a rich man, fear of long-term relationships due to the broken parental marriage. Sketches in very short scenes are enough to show you where people are hidden inside Jocelyn, such as the sad moment of listening to the music of the late mother, or witness the extraordinary efforts of the Disability and the most expensive scene was the reluctance to take advantage of Florence at the hotel even though he was famous for one night. With Florence, next to the image of the talented artist, the resilient athlete is the pain of simmering pain and thirst for love, even if only for a short time to find himself living as a full woman. integrity. Tears of farewell Jocelyn quietly falls as the minutes reveal the rare sincere weakness of the woman always want to express themselves strong. Love wounds them, making them real to themselves.

Frank Dubosc plays the lead character and scriptwriter and director for the film, so he has a strong grasp of the development of the French subtle humor. The humor of the film is reflected in the overall situation, the separation of the film, not the laughing through the formation or direct dialogue Hollywood style. Choosing the age of the main characters in middle age is also a good point, the experience of living together with the maturity of the character color of love in the movie is very intense, but again to fall in love dear speech. Music is used very expensive, there is classy luxury, there are vibrant fun. Come to the party I really succeeded to bring an unusual love story, impressive and beautiful for the audience. Funny, romantic, interesting and very French.

Rolling to You tells a funny story started in a rather odd way, but after the end of sincere sentiment still lingers with the real lovers. Love is told by thousands of stories with thousands of nuances that always make humanity never bored. It is a relief to step out of the theater once again believing that love will know how to connect the people who love and deserve to be loved.

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