Review Wonder- Power to melt the heart is the most iron

Cinema is not only purely entertaining, but also a prism of life and a desire for a better world. Through cinema, we see the dark ages of humanity in World War II in Schindler’s List, seeing the suffering suffered by the black people in 12 Years A Slave, Crash or The Help. But cinema is not the only, not always bitter and painful. Life has two sides, though harsh, but there is still hope and miracles, like the miserable but extraordinary life of people like Forrest Gump or Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. And this year, we are told another extraordinary story – the story of the life of a boy born is more disadvantageous than other people, family love, friendship , the admirable love in the movie entitled Wonder (The Wonder) directed by Stephen Chbosky.

Wonder was adapted from the famous book of the same name by female author R.J. Palacio. Ever since its publication in 2012, Wonder has touched and inspired readers’ hearts around the world. In Wonder, August Pullman, also known as Auggie, was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. The boy has to undergo dozens of surgeries but still can not get the normal look like every other human. From birth to age 10, Auggie lives in a small world and does not go to school but learn from her mother. Auggie’s life completely changed when his parents decided to take him to school for a better education and integration with everyone. However, the school is already a terrible place for many ordinary children, let alone for Auggie. Here, the boy has to live in a complex, stigmatized, bullied because of different from other people. But with the love and encouragement of his family, teachers, good friends, and his strength and energy, Auggie also surpasses the challenge and, along with other characters, extraordinary story about life.

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But the world in Wonder does not just revolve around Auggie, every character in the movie has their own stories. One of the film’s successes is to build a coherent storyline that ties the characters together by telling stories from four characters: Auggie, Olivia, Jack Will and Miranda. Each character with different perspectives, with their own circumstances and pain, created a deep sympathy for the audience and made the story more convincing and logical.

Wonder does not follow the footsteps of most movies that focus on a main character, but it focuses on the psychology and character of characters from secondary to minor. We see the patience, sacrifice, love of the Pullman couple for his son deformed. Auggie’s older sister – Olivia, with the quiet endurance and sacrifice she has seen through the years, accepts the lack of attention of parents so they can care for her unfortunate brother. Boyfriend Jack Will initially befriends Auggie reluctantly, eventually becoming the true hero who protects Auggie despite being expelled or cutting his head off. Julian from a shallow child who bullies others but eventually realizes mistakes. Tushman’s kindhearted, humorous, hard-headed teacher in school bullying, but also extremely generous and willing to forgive the little kids. Miranda with the appearance that the audience thinks she is a rebellious girl and turned away with friends, but hidden deep inside is a heart yearning to be loved, longing for a happy family and available Give the chance for your best friend to shine. Only in 1h53 ‘that each character has the depth and create the sympathy of the audience, then you can see the scriptwriter and director must be really subtle and talent can do so.

Besides the ability to write scripts, the production of the director and screenwriter, the acting talent of the actors is also a factor in the success of the film. From promising young actors to veteran actors, they excellently portrayed their roles. Jacob Tremblay is indeed worthy of the title of “prodigy” when he takes away the tears of countless audiences from Room to Wonder. Noah Jupe, with his unpretentious face, continued to shine after winning the hearts of the audience in his Suburbicon debut in November. Izabela Vidovic is also a budding talent for her portrayal of Olivia, the deepest and most complex character in film, and even more brilliant than Auggie. The Pullman couple seems to have been born to Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, for their acting is so good and true.

Maybe for many audiences, Wonder’s scripts are too simple and ordinary, but the simplicity and subtle details that are subtly integrated in the movie are what make the heart of the audience. vibrate. Rare movies make the audience to laugh constantly because the details are lovely, naive, but at the same time have to cry tears because of that naive. Wonder is not a movie that stimulates the brain or thinking ability, but rather a movie made to stimulate the heart and love of the audience. In the midst of so much suffering and hardship, perhaps we should let the heart feel instead of letting the brain judge. Because this life has so many miracles, and they are created from the heart and love of each of us.

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