Review Rise of the Guardians – Never forget a kid in your heart

Every Christmas, I want to see this movie again. Not because of the context in the film, nor because of the snow goblins or the colorful Christmas presents. I watch the film, only to be resurrected, even in only a short 90 minutes, the feeling of being a child, strongly believe in the existence of Santa Claus, the Rabbit of Easter, of dreams Fairy tale.

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Rise of the Guardians is a story about mythical characters assigned to protect the innocence and imagination of children with all their might. When Mr. Pitch appeared in a plot to wipe out the deity of the gods by stealing the faith and dreams of the children, these mythical characters needed the help of Jack Frost – a reluctant joined the team, although he was not interested in rescuing anything beyond his own memory.

The film has succeeded in building a new character, combined with shimmering, eye-catching scenes that will bring audiences to a fairytale world that perhaps most of us have not once. Imagined in his own imagination: a tall Santa Claus, burly, eat loudly; a “bunny” Easter baby, hot temperament; a small “lovely tooth”, with magnificent palaces, his magnificent; And of course, it is impossible not to mention a naughty Jack Frost, needy but with a very sensitive heart.

Their fight against Mr. Pitch and the rescue of childhood beliefs made me think of the battle of the adults themselves, trying to overcome their fears and suspicions. There is an indisputable fact that all of us before this big age are all children. Just as we grow up, we sometimes forget about it. With that oblivion, we also no longer believe in the miracles that once were infinitely passionate. I do not blame it. I only regret it. The saddest thing about growing up is probably the same.

“When a child stops believing, a ray of light will shut off.” And each passing day, no need for Pitch interference, one ray of light on the other is turning off. When growing up, the eternal beliefs for the guardian spirit follow that which disappears.

However, I still believe that there will be other rays that replace the shadows that turn off as adults. That is our descendants. We are told this story – myths about Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Sand God, Fairy Tales, and Jack Frost. They continue to enjoy and fascinated as we were before. And the Devil, will never disappear.

The film is not just a ticket to take us back to childhood, but also as a souvenir reminders that we were all a child, no matter how mature, let’s Hold on to your belief in the wonders of this world. At that time, whether you are thirty, fifty or more, in your soul there is a childhood fairyland forever immortal.

And Jack Frost, he is forever, forever young prince in my heart.


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