Review Lino And 7 Lives – Too superficial to adults but too complex with children

Lino And 7 Lives is a Brazilian-made animation and will premiere in Vietnam on December 1st this year. Although the film was not heavily promoted, but through the trailer, viewers may think that this is a funny cartoon with a novel idea. But the truth is that the movie still has too many shortcomings for moviegoers, whether adults or children.

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The content presented here is quite attractive. The film revolves around a guy with normal appearance, learning evil tidbits plus two words that are out of the “Lino” Lino. From small to large, Lino never achieved anything, or heaven he favors anything and until the maturity to find a stable job, decent for him as difficult as heaven. Lino became a good kid for the kids in his “bad” cat outfit and his work became more and more difficult. Life has so much discouragement with Lino so he went to a teacher to disgruntled but he did not expect this teacher to “crooked” to make him into a big cat. Not realizing that he has become a monster, Lino was hunted by the whole city for the crime of stealing the sky that he did not do. Not stopping there, Lino is misunderstood as kidnapping a girl hostage. So the excursion and cleansing of Lino with the “fake” teacher and the girl “fell from the sky” began.

The idea of ​​the movie is not so bad, but it really is not new. Journey to the charm, release, the curse of the animation has become a boring path. The breakthrough is that the filmmakers will build the context, personality and journey of the movie to make it unique and attractive. But Lino and 7 Lives do not do this. Often other animated films will offer a definite term for the curse to add drama to Brave or Coco (Disney) but Lino does not. But the characters are hysterical to the point of confusing. Knowing who is not anxious to return to human but Lino is impatient to impatient. Besides, the fact that a high-tall, heavily-feathered character looks seriously, a dwarf, fat-stunted character goes together and suddenly appears another seemingly familiar little girl, Do you think of Monsters, Inc.? are not? But Lino is far ahead of most animated films in terms of concept development.

As said before, the idea would not be bad if the script was well structured and worked. Lino’s script has so many holes and makes the viewer feel the movie is a chaotic and confusing series but is transmitted too superficial, lack of emphasis. The film has embraced too many issues such as unemployment, depression, bullying, robbery, unfair treatment … but not resolved thoroughly, in order that the end of the film smoothly and too easy. There are so many unreasonable scenes such as Victor wearing cat clothes too showy to go from one store to another store to rob one night, so where to defend, the police, robbers bank with the shop Are jewels so easy? And Victor had stolen a bunch of then get more money grabbing of three girls do to people suspected? So, it seems that the police are too useless, while the people of the city taunted, posted information, warned so that the police station sent every 3 people to solve in which the second is the cake rude useless. Then the baby is the orphan from the beginning not to mention that so Lino finally adopted the adoption process is correct. Besides, it is unknown whether the transmission of the film is a problem or because of my limited understanding. An Adventure Of 7 Lives To Lino And 7 Lives, whether understood in the name meaning English or Vietnamese name, really throughout the film see not related to the. My title is. As I recall, the cat had nine lives and counted counting back and forth, not knowing Lino had seven more lives.

The character set of the film is not too impressive, obviously a film crammed with many problems of society but not touch the viewer at all. It may be due to the fast tempo and tangle, but the script is sketchy and makes the character of Lino quite boring and tedious. Besides, there are movie details that are quite sensitive to young children as the male characters wear pants that show off their buttocks and the film also tattooed in the butt to identify criminals. The film proved to be not very skillful in building the image for the character in serious way but in the direction of laughing and sneaking a bit overwhelming. Plus the shape of the character does not stand out, the overall period is not enough for adults is not suitable for children.

From the beginning, the film promised to bring the situation laughing to the seat but “promise too much promise too much.” The film is slightly lighter than snail, there are scenes too light compared to adults but too difficult for children, do not understand how to laugh. The most wrong is also the biggest failure of this film is translated and dubbed into Vietnamese .. And the most horrible in this film is the film translated and variations of pure Vietnamese dialogue film made. very bland. For example, the girl character, Lino call her baby is Glue (meaning Acacia) because the baby sticking Lino does not leave, but to Vietnam baby blue because the baby in blue, losing the pure sense of they. Besides the problem of translation, the character of the French teacher said many, talk, scolding and the comedy of the film is made so much dialogue that there are scenes that do not match his expression. Wonders are dancers reeling with the Indians under the background music Barbie Girl salvaged quite tiny.

On conveying meaning to the viewer, the film tried so many different levels of meaning but only completed well with the character Lino. Lino was originally a miser, miserable, without an ideal, a dream, but at the end of the film, Lino realized that he should accept and be happy with what he had.

Lino And 7 Lives is an animated film with many shortcomings. The movie is more miserable than the wrong translation when it was released in Vietnam, is a precursor film will be between other films are currently released, especially Coco. Although the film is quite skilled, flexible character movement and flexibility but holes in other aspects make the film hard to become known as “well” is fine. If you want to go to the cinema to watch movies or take children to entertainment should be considered because it looks too superficial with adults but too complex of young audience.

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