Review Big Mouth (2017) – Emotional film no less humorous

A very funny show that covers some important topics

I loved Big Mouth. As most reviewers before me have also written, the show is not exactly subtle. That doesn’t make it any less funny, however. The show has 5 main characters: Nick, Andrew, Jay, Jessi and Missy, who are all in their own way going through puberty. They come from very different homes, which causes them, along with the Hormone Monster/Monstress, to react very differently to all the new things they discover.

Most people seem to think the show is mainly meant for adults, because of the abundance of swearing, genitals, sex and the use of scary words like ‘vagina’. I disagree, however. Although the show for the most part covers lighter subjects, such as first kisses and stuff, it’s not afraid to occasionally touch on more serious items, such as sex positivism, especially for women, consent/boundaries, slut shaming, homosexuality etc. Things that are important to know, especially for boys, but are often not given enough attention, for example because of parents’ awkwardness, or even neglect, as the show clearly illustrates. Paying more attention to the aforementioned topics at a young age, will hopefully create a generation of men more aware of what women go through, so they might avoid the mistakes Nick, Andrew and Jay make because of ignorance. Obviously, things like consent and boundaries are also important for girls. Girls get horny too, to quote the show, which causes the male protagonists’ heads to literally explode. The prejudice that only men want sex hurts both genders, as it assumes men don’t have boundaries and that men always have to be dominant to have sex. It’s exactly these things that make this show so important. So by all means, have children watch this, show it to them in school. It’s funny AND it teaches valuable lessons.

The only reason I didn’t rate this a perfect 10/10 is that I personally didn’t really see the additional value of Coach Steve, other than just being gross and possibly mentally challenged?

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Definitely for adults

All power to the Netflix executive, who put pen to paper and gave this the go ahead. It was certainly a career making or career ending decision; You will go far in my opinion…..Whatever industry! As the title says, this is definitely for adults, as with that great lens of hindsight a lot of the jokes hit the mark. I would think they would put the fear of God, in anyone coming to this from the opposite direction.It superbly depicts the gaucheness of the almost teen awakening that we have all gone through and at the same time, sticks two fingers up at decorum and political correctness, that just get in the way of portraying what it is to be afflicted by the hormone monster.No parent watching this, will ever wash their twelve year old son’s socks again, without complete Hazmat protection!

Good dumb fun

Some people will complain about it being crude, but that’s kind of the point. It’s a comedy that’s not setting out to change the world, it’s only intention is to make you laugh, often by pushing the envelope as far as an internet series can. Which is pretty far. A lot of the humour is derived from shock, and knowing that alone should let you know whether or not it’s the show for you, although there is a fair amount of genuinely witty dialogue too. Probably the best thing about it though, is how the characters do talk and act like confused 12 year olds. The frustrations that almost every adult remembers from the days on the cusp of being a teenager are on full display throughout this show. Offended by the harshest language and the exploration of pubescent sexuality? Stay away, this isn’t meant for you. Otherwise, just put it on and let it play. Most likely you’ll experience a few chuckles and a couple belly laughs, but as that’s all the show seems to set out to do, I’d call it a resounding success.

Where was this show when I was a teenager?

I wish they had this show back when I was a teenager going through puberty. Not only is it funny but it reminds me of those earlier days. I also appreciate that they touch on female masturbation and point out that all women get horny. Women of my generation and earlier were told as children that girls don’t masturbate and those that do are probably whores or sluts. I’m glad to see that times really are changing and people are accepting the fact that yes indeed, it’s normal for girls to have sex drives and to masturbate. I honestly think teenagers should watch this show and it could even help them out while going through all of the typical teenage/hormone driven things in their life. Things like addressing porn addiction, having your first boyfriend/girlfriend and then breaking up, starting your period and the embarrassment that can come with it, etc are all things addressed in this show that we all go through.

Honestly I wasn’t sure what to make of this show based on some negative feedback about how inappropriate it is for young teens to be depicted in this manner, but honestly I didn’t really notice and it didn’t really bother me because I could relate so much to it all. Also, I’ve seen the same, if not worse on South Park and Family Guy.

I wish it was better

I love everybody involved in this show. I Really love Kroll’s shows, Mulaney’s stand up, Mantzoukas’ podcasts, and all the others but this show is not funny. I just don’t get how this many funny people can strikeout, it’s like “The House” I couldn’t be more excited and that might have lead to high expectations and the let down. I love how they tackle real situations for kids such as hormones and puberty but they use them as an excuse to be super crud without any real jokes or resolution.

To be fair I am only three episodes in and it could develop more but right now it seems to be full of cheap gross setups to be gross. I wish It was funnier.

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