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Rampage is the latest collaboration between “The Rock” and Dwayne Johnson and director Brad Peyton, after previously successful hits such as Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and San Andreas. The movie is based on a 30-year-old arcade game where the player can transform into one of three giant animals: a gorilla named George, Ralph and a reptile named Lizzy and try to attack the city of humanity, while surviving the fight against human soldiers.

If you keep that story simple and transform it into a movie, this will definitely be a bomb with nothing but visual effects, explosive fires and unbalanced war between giant animals with species. Tiny. But, according to the writer, in addition to the familiar, often ruined action scenes, the film still contains humorous elements and messages that reflect, and that is what makes Rampage score the audience.

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Animals are at risk of extinction because of greed and greed

Throughout the 109 minute film, George’s gorilla image is portrayed as lively, interesting and close to human. Not only do you know how to play jokes for fun, but also to understand human words and signs in body language to express thoughts and feelings. He even learned jokes that his friend, the primatologist student Davis Okoye (Dwayne Johnson) had done, making everyone laugh out loud for this intelligence.

Not only have positive emotions, just as we humans, George is also fearful of external threats, sadness of being isolated, impatience, loss of composure, even anger. hungry for too long. This clever creature is now at risk of becoming extinct only because of the poaching of wildlife, all because of the high value of their organs and the desire of humans to use it. Use the parts that make up the beautiful ornament.

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As Davis shares, he saved George when the poachers were busy “cutting his mother’s body, taking his hand to work ashtray and other high-priced parts on the black market.” An image of cruelty, which makes me feel disgusted at the way people treat an intelligent animal and delicate emotions like this.

Feelings of sincerity and trust in human relationships – animals, people – people

Another attraction of the film is the bond between a person – a beast. Davis has saved George since he was a kid, hiding under a gang of thieves, witnessing the murder of his family and bringing him home. Spending time with Davis, feeling his sincere feelings, George is able to regain trust in people and grow up healthy. The connection between them has gone beyond intimate friendships to become a true family. They are willing to sacrifice everything, regardless of their lives, to protect the other half. We can see this clearly when George undergoes abnormal changes during the altered gene, Davis has done everything to protect, keep people harmed him. And George, standing in front of the massive monster, fiercer than himself many times, bravely fighting to protect his friend.

In addition to the human-like relationship, the film also mentions the trust between people in today’s world. In the past, Davis has traveled extensively throughout the world, battling with all sorts of people and seeing human nature: they can do anything to achieve their goals. Because of this, he became disgusted with humans and would rather be friends with animals, because they were very straightforward with their feelings: “They like, they will lick you. They hate, they will eat you. “But after a series of events, he was gradually opened up by the influence of geneticist Kate Caldwell (Naomie Harris) and agent Russell (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Magic trick

In addition to emotional factors, visual effects in the film was also extremely magnificent, with the skyscraper buildings were destroyed by the terrible power of the three beasts, the ground shaking before the move. their displacement, and the wave surface signaling the appearance of a monster. If you watch the trailer, you are startled by the gorillas and wolves, you will be surprised to see the size and scary of the last monster.

Faint character

One point aside from the movie is how to portray characters. In addition to Agent Russell’s American style cowboy Morgan was shown smoothly, the other two characters did not bring a deep impression. Dwayne remains faithful to the constant acting through the film and Naomie is completely blurred in the film. If I had to compare, I would have been more impressed by the two villains, Clair Wyden (Malin Akerman) and Brett Wyden (Jake Lacy). However, this is still an adventure action movie, so perhaps this factor was not very important to the director.

Finally, according to the writer, this is a movie worth watching in April this. If you love the fireworks or the fight scenes of “The Rock”, this is your choice. And if you are a person who cares about the details, loves animals, understands and understands small messages that the director and actor want to send, this is the choice for you.

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