Mamma Mia!: Love again – love the passionate youth love, passionate.

Young love is always memories are difficult to fade.

After 10 years of waiting, the second part of the music movie stormed the cinema around the world Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia!: Mama Mia: Here We Go Again. As revealed from the trailer before, the point of view of this movie will be for the character Donna young, to tell about her interesting love and the 1-0-2 youth experience in life.

Opening the trailer is the scene of Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) emotional compensation when returned to where her mother was in the past. History is repeated when, like Donna’s mother, she is now also “out of the plan”. At this meaningful place, Sophie announced the good news to her lover. And viewers again drowned in the familiar ABBA melodies and romance stories of the characters in the movie.

The story in this trailer is led from the beginning by her daughter Sophie – daughter of Donna.

Under the magnificent scenery of Kalokairi, a special party will be held in the presence of the “very special” people. A “family reunion” is planned in the presence of a large number of acquaintances, most notably the two great friends of Donna’s mother and three exotic dads who helped Donna’s mother have moments. beautiful time. As soon as I met three fathers, Sophie could not help wondering, “I never asked what happened when I met you?” The question arises as well as when the movie is going through a new turning point. Time to stop, back to 1979 full of memorable memories of her young Donna.

The movie is interwoven between the past 1979 and the present, between Donna’s past relationships and their current relationship, between the affection of her young Donna and her daughter Sophie sign.

The story line of the trailer then moved gradually to the flashback of Donna’s youth with the romantic and intense affair. The young Donna is actress Lily James, the British rose winner of the movie starring in Cinderella in 2015 and recently the Oscar-nominated Darkest Hour (2017).

The image of her beautiful and cheerful young Donna is reflected clearly. A charismatic Donna on the stage, Donna is a freelance explorer who wants to discover everything: On the road to discovery and youth, Donna meets three guys, three love affairs that make her unforgettable in life. . Donna crossed the ocean with Bill (Josh Dylan) “the most handsome in the world.” Then the architect Sam (Jeremy Irvine) looks extremely romantic that Donna accidentally met in the rain. And finally, a Harry Potter (Hugh Skinner).

An exuberant Donna of youth …

… always fascinated with the journey to examine the world wide.

Leaving past love stories, ABBA’s immortal Dancing Queen pulls viewers back to the current story. In the sequel, Donna is constantly being mentioned as a way to remember. The trailer leads the viewers to a bustling party with the arrival of “the last minute” of the world pop goddess – Cher and is called by Sophie “grandmother”, whom her mother’s friends referred to by the name “Wicked Witch from the West.”

“The party is the most worthy party for a girl.”

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