Horror films have terrifying hotel scenes

Hotels / motels are always the best places to be explored in horror films, where one can hardly predict the source or type of monstrosity that can occur. This weekend, Looking Glass to the cinema brings the sarcastic story of sneaking through the mirror in the hotel room and lengthen the list of “horrible foot rest” on the screen wide photo.

Vacancy (2007)

A hospitable house under the light of gold, not bloody, not devil, but Vacancy still startled people when watching movies

In the night, David and Amy Fox’s car broke down in the middle of the road and they were forced to find a place to rest overnight. Wanting to wait until morning to fix the car, they decide to choose a motel run by Mason – a strange man. They quickly realized that the movies they were watching were not normal footage, but that it was horrifying scenes back to the person who used to stay in the room.

Without bloodshed, lead chills you chills with the sound and choking in the pursuit. Maybe after watching the movie, you will have to be more careful when entering a strange room in a deserted place.

1408 (2007)

1408 (The Secret Room) was adapted from Stephen King’s short story of the same name.

The story revolves around a 1408 room at the Dolphin Hotel in New York. Scary rumors, confusing suicides from the window of room 1408, make the room a haunting obsession for everyone.

In the movie, novelist Mike Enslin (John Cusack) – who specializes in ghost stories but never believed in ghosts. Mike only believes in what the eyes see, earphones. At one incident, Enslin found himself in a pile of old letters and saw a note from a hotel called Dolphin in New York saying, “Do not go into room 1408,” he thought it was just the mediocre ads of the hotels. Absent guests. But the terrifying gossip about Room 1408 really made Mike curious. Despite the objections of the hotel manager, Mike insisted on renting room 1408 one night. He excitedly thought that what happened at room 1408 (if any) would be a precious living for him to start a new novel.

It is quite unexpected for anyone who has read this story of writer Stephen King is ending in the film is not the same with the story. And that’s exactly what Hafstrom directed. “I wanted the audience to see Mike Enslin’s adventures as his own, and at the end of the movie, everyone would ask,” What will happen to me in room 1408 ”

The Shining (1980)

Director Martin Scorsese rated The Shining as one of the best horror films of all time.

In the movie, Jack Torrance manages to oversee the Overlook Hotel, in the Colorado Mountains and his family moved to live there. Because this place was closed during the winter, so only the family of Jack Torrance lived here for a long time. Then a snowstorm collapsed and caused his family to be trapped inside the hotel. Danny – Torrance’s son, a telepathic boy who can see things in the past as well as in the future. The boy discovers that the hotel is haunted and the ghost is slowly turning his father into a villain. What will Danny do when he sees the near future and the thrill room will happen again?

In the beginning, The Shining was critically criticized by critics, even nominated … the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director and Worst Actress. Strange, after a while, critics took the film seriously, putting the Shinning into a monument of horror.

Psycho (1960)

Today, when talking about Psycho can not help but mention that the character Marion stabbed to death under the shower, because this is terrible for generations when entering the bathroom and also a breakthrough. About the angle, sound and how to “scare” the audience in the cinema. Filmed for seven days from December 17 to December 23, 1959, the footage was about three minutes in length at 77 different camera angles. After watching Alfred Hitchcock’s film, actress Janet Leigh was so obsessed that she later dared not take a shower under the shower, and made the United States dare not step in. bathroom by this canonical segment

Psycho revolves around a paranoid psychiatrist named Norman Bates. He was just a weak man who managed the inn. He was harshly beaten by his mother Norma, who gave birth to paranoia. By the time she found out that her mother was mistress, Norman Bates was jealous and killed her. From here, he forms a schizophrenic personality and always believes that Norma’s mother is still alive, urging him to kill the ill girl who steps into the inn.

Identity (2003)

The story of Identity takes place on a quiet suburban street, with a row of seemingly empty houses all year round. At the same time, 10 strangers accidentally took a break over the night. They were: a couple with their young son, an actress and her driver, a young couple is on his way to Las Vegas for a wedding, a prostitute and finally a police officer and his prisoner.

Not knowing by accident or intention that all of them were damaged on this road and led them to a single place is that home … only one night that everyone She was murdered in a barbaric manner, her body was thrown in a washing machine, followed by a guy on the way to Las Vesgas to celebrate the wedding … all doubts focused on But only a short time later he was killed mysteriously, then the suspicion directed toward the owner but not yet.

So who is the culprit?

Serie 3 Film Hostel (2005 – 2011)

The 3-part horror thriller Hostel, directed by young directorial director Jeremy Roth, is about young gangs traveling and kidnapped to slaughterhouses. Use money to torture human bodies. The film contains many horror scenes to … grinding teeth like a girl is burning fireballs or a guy with … brain hook. With a small investment, these three films also brought home $ 70 million in box office sales as well as DVD and VOD sales, triple the cost of production for all three.

Looking Glass 2018

Not the kind of horror film as the above works, nor the horror from the devil or the scene of killing people horrible, Secret Behind the Mirror evoke the heavy atmosphere of easy a human error plus the irony of watching others through a two-way mirror in a hotel. Not only that, Looking Glass also makes viewers again to be really precaution and more attention when the night outside whether it is luxury hotels or motels along the road.

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