Homosexuality from independent cinema screening attacks the cinema

From the Oscar for “Moonlight” to the success of “Call Me by Your Name” and “Love, Simon,” it can be said that the gay-themed film series is entering its climax.

Historically, most of the exploits of homosexuality are still in the public domain, and are less welcome at the big theaters. However, this situation has changed dramatically recently as many films on the subject have won not only the praise from the professional but also the public warmly received. .
The “golden age” of Hollywood filmmakers began with Moonlight, Barry Jenkins’ s low budget independent film, which surpassed a host of other heavyweights. to win the title of Best Film at Oscars 2017. By the end of the year, the world’s movie tastes continue to be immersed in the sweet feelings of love story as beautiful dream between two boys in the sun Italy in the hit movie Call Me by Your Name adapted from the original novel by writer André Aciman.

When the heat from the love story of young amateurs Armie Hammer and Timothee Chalamet (Call Me by Your Name) has not really reduced the heat, the audience continues to enjoy another sweet love story boyfriend is Love, Simon (Simon’s), directed by Greg Berlanti, will be released in Vietnam from May 4,

This young man’s gay love story is conceived and executed by the crew that created The Fault in Our Stars. More specifically, the genuine 20th Century Fox movie franchise was the unit behind the distribution of the film to the mass audience. To date, Love, Simon is the first gay film to feature homosexuality sponsored by a major film producer and distributor in Hollywood. This is a significant step on the way to conquer the majority of film enthusiasts of the movie “sensitive” subject.

Love, Simon adapted from the famous novel Simon Vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli – a work once rated by the Wall Street Journal as one of the best teen novels. The film focuses on the love between the boys in a clear, romantic and emotional view. Love, Simon is receiving a lot of praise from famous critics and movie stars.

The film revolves around the story of Simon Spier (Nick Robinson) – a typical high school student. Like many of his peers, he has a normal family, some close friends. Inside, Simon hid a secret for a long time: he loved the same sex. Through the Internet, Simon gets acquainted with an anonymously nicknamed “Blue”. After some time in the game, both boys have developed a special relationship that arises from sympathy for each other. Unfortunately, the secret of Simon was discovered by a friend, from which all the trouble came when the story really about him exposed.

From the Moonlight, Call Me by Your Name to Love, Simon, can clearly see the transformation in the way love between the gay filmmakers today. In the past, there were a lot of quality works that caught the attention of audiences, but most of them went in the direction of tragedy when it focused on the suffering and torture of homosexuals. must go through a society with a lot of discrimination, discrimination. Therefore, very few films of homosexuality in the previous period have the happy ending.

By reversing this trend, love between the boys in all three works is built in light, romantic color, permeated fresh breath, clarity and vitality of youth. This positive change was made by young actor Armie Hammer – Oliver of Call Me by your name when talking about his film participation in a recent interview with USA Today: “I like the idea. No one is beaten or bullied, no one else is suffering from AIDS and no one is outcasted by their loved ones. The story between two lovers and in my opinion, that love is beautiful. ”

The change in filmmaker’s thinking about homosexuality is also evident in God’s Own Country, the first of a series directed by British director Francis Lee. Wondering about the unexpected love story between Johnny – a young sheep man and Gheorghe – a young Romanian worker in the midst of a peaceful countryside in the north of England, God’s Own Country is one of those. the best film of the year when world cinema is praised as “Brokeback Mountain of England”.

However, unlike Ang Lee’s classic sadness and tragedy, besides addressing such serious issues as illness, economic crises and racism, God’s Own Country is about Basically, it is still a work filled with hope. Johnny’s sexual orientation is not the source of life’s problems, but the love that he finds is a lifesaver for his soul. By exploiting the love affair between the two boys in a romantic and positive way, God’s Own Country conveyed to the audience the message of optimism: this is a generalized story about the attitude of life and love. All your heart, even if your soul and heart have to suffer pain, broken. Therefore, the movie has won the love of many audiences.

These are just a few of the many examples of homosexuality that have caused the public to sob year after year. There are other memorable works, such as BPM (Beats per Minute) – a film of French cinema winning big awards at the Cannes Film Festival and A Fantastic Woman. – the famous Chilean dramatist is hailed as “a new and innovative masterpiece” about transgendered people.

There is no shortage of works by LGBT in the world, but in 2017 and the first half of 2018, there will be a dramatic turnaround in this film. Perhaps, until now, we have seen the most authentic experiences of the emotions as well as the real life of the homosexual.

No longer suffering stories, tragic tragedy, the audience has witnessed the beauty of love between two people of the same sex, courage and tenacity of those who dare struggle for self and his true love. Because of that, the way to mass audiences for LGBT films has become more open than ever.

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