Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – When loving is not needing to utter words

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is based on the story of the life of an Akita-like dog named Hachi and Hachi’s loyalty to his master, Hidesaburo Ueno. His story has been viewed by the Japanese as a symbol of love. Hachi’s story is not only famous in Japan but also in the world, so many years after his death, American filmmakers decided to write Hachi’s story as a form of remembrance. “Sometimes love does not just come from human beings, nor does it need any words to feel that we are loved just by our heart.”

This is one of the most tearfully-touted movie releases of which the protagonist is not human, he can not speak, he does not cry, but the film takes almost completely different aspects. so that the viewer can sympathize with every character. An incredibly simple film that revolves around a few scenes, bounded by character lines and lines, but not boring or disjointed. The film was successful beyond expectations when it brought not only the viewer of Hachi but also many profound meanings.

When we watch the movie, we just pay attention to Hachi and his loyalty without even thinking about it is family love. The film portrays Professor Parker’s portrayal as a gentle man, full of love for everyone. He loved his wife and children, his life revolves around his passion for work, music and family until more Hachi appears in his life. He was gentle and nurtured by his wife, although she was uncomfortable, grimacing when he brought Hachi home, he gently wooed his wife, billion sweetheart with her every day so she agreed to accept Hachi . He loved his daughter very much. Although the plot of the father and son very little, but it is easy to recognize when two people chatting happily as two friends. When she brought her lover home, he was happy and welcomed him. Upon hearing he had a baby he unexpectedly hit his head on the ceiling and was happy to embrace her. And to Hachi, he does not consider it an animal, a pet, he treats Hachi like a child, like his own child. It is understandable that Wilson’s grandfather had a son, but he probably died and the family members rarely mentioned him, especially in front of Parker. Since meeting Hachi, he had seen him as part of his life, so he put his big bulge on, so he would eat with him, let him sleep with him and let him play his son’s toys. Whenever Ms. Cate was angry with Hachi, he was both angry and protective of Hachi as a shelter for a foolish child. We can see at the house, the Wilson family is a happy family and love each other.

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is not a perfect movie but a perfect love movie. When love is simply next to each other, love and be loved as all the characters that the film builds. Simply so that Hachi does not need to speak, to know his words, one can feel his heart. The film is an ingenious combination of soft colors and melodious melodious melodies that lead viewers to follow in Hachi’s footsteps, from the fateful time of his arrival to Parker to fate. took him away from him and finally after long days of waiting and closing his eyes at the place where he waited for him, fate brought him again to Parker again. Is there a fateful day that will bring a Hachi to see us? That was the question after I finished watching this movie.

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