Desert War – The first animated film produced by Dubai

After seven years of implementation, Bilal: Desert Warrior – the most spectacularly animated film in the Arab world – is about to debut. The work has received numerous critics compliments as well as many prestigious awards. Recently, this animated blockbuster has launched a trailer with impressive stroke and engaging storyline.

Bilal: Desert Warrior is based on the story of the life of Bilal – an Arab hero. The new trailer of the film brought to the image of a country of 1400 colorful Arabia but no less disturbing. War, turmoil occurs constantly, the brutal lords live in silk and rich.

Meanwhile, people must become slaves and suffer from poverty, misery. In that context, Bilal from a slave has become a great warrior. The appearance of a god in the desert sand storms make the work more mysterious and impressive. The story of epic and rich meaning will definitely attract viewers to the last moment as well as leave many valuable lessons.

Also through the clip longer than 2 minutes, the audience admired the care of artists paints with the image of the movie. As one of the most respected heroes in Arabia, filmmakers have invested seriously to bring Bilal’s image to the viewer. It took seven years to finish the project, every action, the expressions of the characters in the film are carefully scrutinized. From flying birds, horses or sandstorms are extremely smooth and beautiful.

In addition, the film will also bring the battle extremely monumental and glorious. Bilal: Desert Warrior promises to be an impressive animated film beginning in 2018.

Beside the drawings and special context, the content of Bilal: War Veterans also has been confirmed thanks to high scores on the rating sites: 8.4 on IMDB and 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Bilal: Desert Warrior has also received a number of prestigious awards such as Best Film at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival’s Most Inspirational Film and BroadCast Pro Middle East Award. With the achievements, Bilal: Desert War is the work can not be missed in the end of Dinh Dau year.

Bilal: Desert Warrior will be released nationwide on 02.02.2018.

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