Daddy’s Home 2 – Message meaning but build on a sketchy story?

The Christmas season is approaching and there are a lot of theatrical movies in this period that choose humorous topics with the message of family affection. In many choices this Christmas, Daddy’s Home 2 is worth the movie you should consider. Maintaining an adult-style satire but adding to that brilliant Christmas scene, the movie will give you moments of laughter and forget about your worries.

Part 2 follows the story of the families of two reluctant brothers Brad (Will Ferrell) and Dusty (Mark Wahlberg) in bringing up their children together. After the struggles of “laughing out of tears” in part 1, they realize each other’s worth and become more attached. When Daddy’s Home 2 started, Brad and Dusty were good friends and good fathers, sharing responsibility for caring for each other’s children and wives. But their children are uncomfortable having to keep going back and forth between the houses, so Brad and Dusty decide to have the first “Together Christmas”, with both families celebrating together. in the same house.

The two families had a great surprise when their grandfathers arrived at the same time. The father will be a role model for his son, and both Don “Pop-Pop” (John Lithgow) and Kurt (Mel Gibson) are more advanced versions of Brad’s inherently opposite style. Dusty. While the former staffer gave Don a humorous, sentimental and arrogant quote, Captain Kurt was manly, barefooted, and outspoken. If Brad and Don were family members full of humor and attachment then Kurt was really obsessive throughout Dusty’s childhood. Kurt’s brawny appearance makes him look disdainful and makes him feel uncomfortable when Dusty’s bond with Brad gradually becomes a family man. And Kurt began to find ways to get Brad and Dusty into disagreement by bringing both families on a trip. A lot of bad and bad situations happen to both families with the focus that both generations daddy are trying to show their role. What would Brad and Dusty do?

Generally Daddy’s Home 2’s story is simple and there are not too many things to mention. The plot is timid, sketchy and has a lot of extra features just to make the background for the screen continuous laugh, plunged from the beginning to the end. Humor is all over the 100-plus minutes of the movie that brings you and especially the last scene is so great, filled with Christmas atmosphere. The film tries to convey the message of family sentiment, fatherhood, but is built on an unspecified script, so emotion is not complete. weak. The audience is fun enough, and when everyone is happy, there are few who bother about content.

Daddy’s Home 2 carries a bright cast, with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg still the center duo of the movie, their interaction still retaining the same warmth as before and will definitely satisfy the audience. But attention should probably be given to John Lithgow and Mel Gibson. John as Pop-Pop is really a grandpa that kids should have: humor, optimism with a smile on his face and a family man. But the writer was more excited when he expressed the frailty of a lonely man when his family was not around and that was really a memorable moment for John throughout the movie. Meanwhile, Mel Gibson returned in a comedy, sounds strange, but still is him. Tall, powerful and full of paranoia, a model of the most heady can give his nephew. Every word of Kurt’s words is very arrogant, though it does not seem to mean anything at all. But everyone has their own dark side and that i am so proud that Kurt is like a lonely lion in the herd and no one will be better than Mel Gibson in that role. The children’s cast is also a bright spot with a natural look and this is mischievous, but putting too many children in a PG-13 comedy is really appropriate?

Christmas is coming and this is a good time to go to the cinema enjoying a comedy and colorful movie. With that criterion, Daddy’s Home 2 is an option you can consider (contraindicates to children under 13). Come, enjoy, laugh and enjoy! But if you look forward to something, still humorous, but deep, the story of these fathers will not be able to handle. It’s up to you!

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