The best American love movies do not look will regret

Not the best American love movies are in the classics. This is a romantic and extremely meaningful work in recent times.

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Not the best American love movie of all time with classic works so familiar, repeated from year to year on the rankings page. This is a list of “super” romantic novels selected by L’Officiel Vietnam to suggest to readers – also the “movie” genuine.

Since the release of the film, these romantic comedies have garnered rave reviews for the box office world-wide, which has garnered numerous nominations for the prestigious Academy Award. If you are a movie lover, surely you will not be able to ignore the best American romantic film and this extremely meaningful:

1. Me Before You

Me before you is the first Anglo-American romantic film to be released in 2016 by director Thea Sharrock, based on Jojo Moyes’s book of the same name, written in 2012. Since the release of the film version, “Hurricane” Before her arrival, she had swept all the box offices around the world, even the literary version of this work was revived and became the best seller of the year.

The story is about the romantic love story between Louis Clark (Emilia Clarke) – happy cheerful girl to work hard to help her family and Will Traynor (Sam Claflin) – rich young banker Unfortunately, hemorrhoids must be clamped together in a wheelchair.

Accidentally struck Will lost all confidence and energy to live, when all hope of hope, Louis appeared, turning point turning life as Will heart. With such content, Me before you brought in $ 205 million (equivalent to 4600 billion) worldwide, creating a big fever in the community of love movies, especially the youth. This is one of the best American films of recent times.

2. The Faults in our stars

Another movie adaptation of the movie, the movie The Fault in our Stars, revived the novel of the same name by writer John Green in 2012. In the first week of release , the film has reached over US $ 300 million (equivalent to 6700 billion) with the total cost of only $ 12 million (equivalent to 270 billion).

The best love story is about the emotional but painful affair of the same couple who suffer from the cancerous monsters Hazel Grace Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Ansel Elgort). They both knew each other in the Association to assist the cancer patients at the local church, from which the two began to meet and talk more, love also gradually arise from these sympathies.

How long have they been together, the couple had to split apart in regret when Augustus’s illness suddenly recurred and robbed his life. The film ends with Hazel lying on the grass, staring at the starry sky, smiling at the memories of Augustus. The faults in our stars make the viewer go from one emotion to another, especially the last scene taking away so many tears from the audience.

3. La la Land

Not to say that 2016 is the year of La La Land. Although debuted in the last days of the year 2016 for Christmas, but The dreamer still dream of “making the wind” and quickly became the movie icon of the year to name the movie. The best American musical genre with easy going into the heart.

The two main characters of the story are Seb (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone). They, two timid, embrace the dream of art. Seb worshiped classical jazz, he performed tea rooms to earn a living through the day. Mia hugged the actor, on the road looking for the first role. A man dreams of opening a jazz club to preserve the music he thinks is authentic and is slowly being killed. A person dream of becoming a Hollywood star, get the public, smile. They walk together, walking through the night of youth. The worries, painful far below the hill, where the city lights screech and the loud noisy, bustling noise between the silent. Their feet glide like ice on some of the uncontrollable tunes of Someone In The Crowd and City of Stars.

However, the end of the story is not beautiful, gentle, warm as what the film brings through the colors, images, music. Seb and Mia can not be together, even though they are finally on their way. One lesson learned from the film is that all young people are concerned, “When we are young, we can not have both love and care.” This film deserves to be in the top spot in the best American film, and certainly with the Oscar nominations, La La Land will also be named in the list of classics forever after.

4. Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Not well known but this film has aesthetic value as well as meaningful content, so it deserves to be named in the list of the best American film of L’Officiel Vietnam. Like The Fault in Our Stars, but more moving and sad. This is a touching love story between schoolgirls with abundant energy, pure love and enough to make them make the most memorable.

A guy with the desire to make the best movie in history, made friends with a girl with leukemia. He spent time with her every day as a habit, until a friend suggested he make a movie for her.

Stuck in confused feelings for her girlfriend and not knowing that she is making her most memorable memories, this naughty student has made the most beautiful movie in her life. myself. Keep your tissues tight, as this film will soothe your eyelids that this film is clearly underestimated in comparison to what it has shown.

5. The Best of Me

Another beautiful story from Nicholas Sparks, but this time the end is very sad and regret. Amanda and Dawson are two different people, she is a rich girl living in silk and he is just a poor student living with a violent father. Despite the differences, they still love each other and promise to work together for a happy future.

But an event that made their lives turn in two different directions. Years later, when the death of an old friend brings them back together. They realize that their love is still great and deep. But again, fate separated again, but this time Dawson’s heart saved Amanda’s son and kept her promise.

The sweet, loving moments of the lovers as they mingle with their remorse, their regret as they matured, make The Best of Me one of Sparks’ best and most moving films. Although the film itself is not as popular as “The Notebook” brother, but the emotional, artistic value and meaningful content that the film brings is worthy of being in the top of the best American love movies. In recent times you have definitely not been able to give up.

6. Never let me go

Right from the name of this best American love movie has brought a strong emotional feelings of love. Never Let Me Go is adapted from the Japanese novel of the same name by Kazuo Ishiguro. The film is a sad love story with many human meaning. Films about young people, with hateful and jealousy and jealousy, misunderstandings and separation, lead them to live in torment and regret through their later years.

And between the strangles of youth, love is also misunderstood, and then many years later meet, when the real love has turned together, then all are just short-lived happiness. The film ends with the loneliness of the heroine Kathy when her love and friends have all gone away.

7. Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie is based on the 2004 novel Rainbow Place, which was released by Irish author Cecelia Ahern, a story about two childhood friends Rosie and Alex. At Rosie’s 18th birthday party, Alex kisses her while she is drunk, waking up when Rosie can not remember the kiss and misses Alex’s misunderstanding that she does not want their relationship to go away. more than friendship.

Both of them have their own affair, although they have feelings for each other but they constantly encounter all the misunderstandings and misunderstandings, so that they never come together. At the end of the film, Rosie’s daughter Katie takes her close friend Toby to Alex’s wedding, while dancing together. Toby unexpectedly kisses Katie, causing her to be angry. This makes Alex and Rosie remember what happened in Rosie’s 18th birthday, from which all misunderstandings are resolved. The end of the film is the two main characters exchanged sweet kisses full of love.

With the winds that they have to go through, along with the happy ending, the movie deserves to be on the list of best American love movies you can not miss.

8. Walk to Remember

Prior to The Notebook, A Walk to Remember was Nicolas Sparks’ first film to make audiences touched by the love story in the morning, romantic but no less tragic between individual guy Landon Carter and sweet girl Jamie Sullivan.

The initial difference makes them harsh, opposing and hating each other. But over time, misunderstandings, misconceptions are erased and both find themselves falling in love with each other. However, the film left pretty sad when Jamie had to leave because of an evil cancer. Leaving mature, mature and always kept in mind the beautiful memories that were with her. The best American love film you can not miss will lead you through the many levels of emotional love.

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