“Avengers: Infinity War” released 11 character posters but lacked important people

Thor, Bucky, Black Panther, Hulk, Star-Lord … are absent from the newly released poster series.

Marvel Studios is pushing the Avengers: Infinity War superstar campaign. After releasing two trailers and moving the release date, less than a month later, the movie will be premiered worldwide from April 25, Recently, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo also shared with the audience, that those who go to see about not to disclose too much (spoiler) the content of the film, to give the surprise to those who have not yet seen .

Fans must have waited so long for Thanos’ conquest, and he is also capable of killing some superheroes in the Marvel Universe, ending Phase 4. Recently, the producers continued Totally spooky, this is the time when they can shine on their own.

Black Widow.

Captain America.

Doctor Strange.


Iron Man.

Most of the Avengers’ key characters, Infinity War, have also appeared, but most fans recognize the absence of equally important names: Thor, Bucky, Star-Lord, Hulk, Black Panther … The idea that there are 23 characters in the official poster includes Thanos and 22 superheroes, so Marvel Studios splits two stages of the character poster, each consisting of 11 main characters. Some negative views suggest that people who are absent will most likely experience unhappiness in the film. However, this theory seems to be compelling, because the Black Panther or Star-Lord or Thor hardly … died. The character who is predicted to die under Thanos’ s captain America or Vision has appeared in his own poster.




Iron Spider.

Scarlet Witch.

War Machine.

In Avengers: Infinity War, Thor will team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy, while Doctor Strange joins Super Teen Spiders, Iron Man, and Captain America – Black Widow will meet the Black Panther … Also, Vision and the Scarlet Witch will Growing up with each other (as the audience expected).


Let’s wait and see in the next few days, Marvel Studios will kick out 11 super hero poster is not offline!

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