Avengers: Infinity War – Explains 35 Easter Eggs and links

Avengers: Infinity War is a comic book adaptation of the Russos brothers. With the Lord of the Rings, the Infinity War is a work of scope and scale, all of which have never been before. But despite the size and grandeur of the film, filmmakers are also determined not to over-elaborate on small details as well as sound, image, color, and personal moments. The small, it brings a lot of meaning.

With the number of such action scenes, of course we will have less space for the Easter Egg, but not without. These Easter Eggs range from public relations to the details directly related to the comic book, the foundation for the Infinity War. And here are the 35 Easter Eggs that we found.

35. New logo of Marvel Studios

As in the 10th anniversary video Marvel Studios posted on YouTube, the Marvel Studios logo appeared at the beginning of the Infinity War that had a slight change with the number of reds in place of the letters I and O in the word for Studios. Think about this event.
Only very minor changes – such as not opening the opening track at MCU’s introduction – made things look new and different.

34. The line “We have a Hulk”

The film opens with the Asgard refugee boat we saw at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, on the way to God of Thunder and the survivors to a new place to settle in. Land before the ship of Thanos appears. Although we have not witnessed the penetration process, there is obviously something very terrible happening because all Asgard people are lying on the ground, seemingly dead, just like the What trailer description.

Before surrendering and handing over Tesseract to Thanos (almost forced), Loki wanted to fight him, borrowing Tony Stark’s words from The Avengers: “We have a Hulk” and let Banner change and attack. Thanos from behind.

Loki’s destiny is also determined by Thanos’ statement. “This time, there is no resurrection,” reminiscent of Loki’s death in The Dark World. How did Thanos know of that case?

33. Banner made Silver Surfer’s response

After the opening scene, before Thanos destroys the Asgard ship (and assumes he has left half of his survivors alive), Heimdall promptly sends the Hulk to Earth to warn people. Your Avengers on the invasion of Thanos (then he was also killed by Thanos).

The Hulk has fallen into the Sanctum Sanctorum, transforms into a Banner, and then returns the message. And the way he fell into Doctor Strange’s sanctuary was exactly the same as the Silver Surfer, who signaled the invasion of Thanos in the story – into the cathedral.

Obviously, with Silver Surfer out of Marvel’s reach until the deal with Fox is completed, they will have to choose other characters to replace the task.

32. Morgan Stark

After the Hulk was sent to Earth to warn of the threat from Thanos and told Doctor Strange about the danger, Strange went to see Tony Stark to send a warning and invited Iron Man to help protect the Earth. and Time Stone. He cut off Stark’s conversation with Pepper Potts about a dream in which the couple would have a baby. This is actually quite funny because he is convinced that this is a harbinger and that she is really pregnant.

They later discussed having a baby and Tony mentioned that they would name their son Pepper’s uncle, Morgan. That name is actually taken from the story, and Morgan Stark is the cousin of Tony Stark, who believes Tony’s father, Howard Stark, has tricked his father, Edward Stark, to take over Stark’s entire property. . The guy has always tried to steal the company from Tony.

To be honest, this is not an ideal name for a baby.

31. Reminiscent of the Battle of New York

Although in The Avengers, Loki was built as a zombie in the plan to invade Earth, Infinity War changed the story by letting Bruce Banner confirm to Tony Stark that it was Thanos who had Loki down. Earth.

The battle is particularly haunting Stark and is seen as a phenomenon of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) that has persisted throughout his life since Iron Man 2. This is also a clever way to tie Stark and Thanos together. They treat each other as old enemies with the same experience – New York – and it really elevates Tony to a new level, who was previously thought to want Thanos to pay for his personal needs.

Even from the late Avengers’ post-credit scene, this battle has been alluded to in relation to Thanos, who took on Loki’s defeat on himself.

30. Ben & Jerry joke

To portray the Avengers’ popularity, even in spite of the Sokovia Agreement and the public’s anxiety about the unbridled acts of superheroes, the film mentioned that Tony Stark was named. to order a cream of Ben & Jerry as a way to honor him. The ice cream is called Stark Raving Hazelnuts and again, named after the flying spirit, fun, sometimes even beyond the desire to chase Thanos his own.
Wong also refers to another ice cream named Avengers, Hulk-A-Hulk-A-Burning-Love.

This ice cream giver is not the only company to be named in the movie: when he first came to Wakanda, Okoye said that when he opened the kingdom to the outside world, she hoped the world would They hold the Olympics or at least open up some Starbucks stores here.

29. Spider Sense by Peter Parker

Despite all the special equipment Tony Stark has added to Peter Parker’s Spider-Suite in Homecoming, he has not yet shown his famous Spider Sense. But this ability was revealed at the time he appeared, when he could feel the Black Order’s ship before even seeing it, and then he knew the Guardians were about to land on Titan before. they really landed on the ground.

Later, we also have a small reminiscence of the comic (and a line in Homecoming) as Peter tries to persuade the Iron Man to continue his fight: “How can you be a friendly? Neighborhood Spider-Man with no neighborhood? “(How do you become a friendly Spider-Man boy with no neighbors?)

28. Stan Lee’s cameo

As a Marvel tradition, Stan Lee always had a cameo role in the film and this time he appeared in the first scene of Spider-Man. When Peter Parker senses the existence of an alien ship, he tells Ned to mislead him that he can safely run off the bus to perform his mission.

Actually you do not really need to ask, because Ned saw the ship himself and also panicked that all of them would die. Everyone was scared, except for the driver – played by Stan Lee – who said, “What’s wrong with that, no space ship yet?” Not one of Stan Lee’s best cameos in the MCU, but still comedic.

27. The joke about Spongebob Squarepants

Tony Stark first encounters Ebony Maw, one of Thanos’s minions in New York, as usual, reiterating that our heroes must be fortunate to be dying. beautiful idea of ​​Thanos.

Doctor Strange cut off the villain’s long-winded whisper with “Get lost, Squidward!”, Clearly indicating the similarity between the bald-headed aliens. with Spongebob Squarepants melancholy neighbor in the Bikini Bottom.

26. Iron Spider

As it was revealed before the film’s release, Peter Parker would be wearing the Iron Spider – or at least the new version of the classic armor set.
Armor with color and similar functions in the story, with the “legs” behind him to help him increase agility and stability in the fight scenes. Getting him armor at this point is quite appropriate as in Stark gave Parker armor right after the Civil War, although Parker later discovered that Stark had hidden a tracking device in it. to get rid of him as soon as he becomes a threat.

25. Happy Trails!

After giving Peter Parker his Iron Spider armor to save his life after accidentally bumping into the Black Order’s ship and going out into space, Tony Stark tried to protect Parker by taking him home.

At the moment Peter is unaware, Tony opens the parachute armor and attempts to take Peter back to Earth, with a simple goodbye borrowed from the character John McClane of Bruce Willis in Die Hard: “Happy trails! ”

24. Nomad

After abandoning his shield at the end of the Civil War, Steve Rogers was no longer Captain America. He no longer looks or dresses like the old days and his appearance underground makes me think of the time he had been working under the name Nomad in comics.

This is also completely ingested with the dark suit he wears (which is the old uniform after the bright colored parts are torn or darkened).
It is notable that in the movie, only one time someone called him Captain, Vision, after he saved them (Vision and Scarlet Witch) in Scotland. In addition, he is referred to simply as Steve Rogers and this further reinforces the fact that he has given up his past position.

23. Defender

For most of the film, Groot transformed into a teen version that embraces electronic games and is infatuated with the game that almost omits everything. The game that the boy played was revealed as Defender on the Atari.

This is not a random game selection but everything in this storyline is basically related to the Infinity War. In the game, the player’s task is to kill the alien invaders while protecting the people on the ground from being taken away. In other words, this is the game version of the Infinity War itself.

22. Kevin Bacon & Footloose Reminiscence

In the Guardians of the Galaxy, Star-Lord mentioned that he was a hardball fan of Footloose and that Kevin Bacon and Bacon were the great heroes who saved the whole town with just one dance.

When Thor mentions the Avengers as “Earth’s mightiest defenders,” Mantis said “just as Kevin Bacon”, reminiscent of Peter’s assertion that Bacon is a hero who has real.

After that, the jump to help Ronan beat again was repeated and Peter Parker said “as well as Footloose” as a reminder of the legendary characters of the 1980s.

21. Nidavellir & Peter Dinklage

Although it is understood that he can control Thunder without the help of any weapon in Thor: Ragnarok, but Thor still spent most of his time in the movie to set out to find a weapon. Strong enough to fight Thanos.

His answer is to find Nidavellir, the dwarf planet, to ask Eitri, their king, to help him forge a weapon. At that point, he, Rocket and Groot not only discovered that Eitri was the one who molded the Infinity Gauntlet for Thanos, but also played Peter Dinklage, a short but brilliant character.

20. Stormbreaker

Although Eitri was left with arms by Thanos so he could not make any other weapons, Thor successfully persuaded the king of the dwarves to cast him the Stormbreaker, a legendary weapon that was made. out for the kings of Asgard.

The weapon with this ax is also taken from the story, which was given to Beta Ray Bill after defeating Thor in the battle and gaining the Mjolnir. Feeling sorry, he picked up the Stormbreaker as a reward from Odin, which was also made from Uru metal exactly the same as the version we saw in the Infinity War.

19. The correlation with Harry Potter

Strangely, in some scenes of the Infinity War, we can see many correlations directly with the super-Harry Potter.
At first, Vision suffered from the pains of Mind Stone when it “felt” something was wrong and warned him, just as Harry’s scar had warned him. Then there is the use of magic to turn weapons of mass destruction into butterflies in battle in Titan.

Most of all, the way the characters disappear at the end of the film is similar to Voldemort’s death, and Thanos meets Gamora after completing his mission – which seems to be in the next life – is very similar. A meeting at the King’s Cross Station at the end of The Deathly Hallows. There is no such thing as a coincidence.

18. The re-release of Chitauri

After Loki’s defeat at Earth, resulting in a total annihilation in The Avengers, the Chitauri army once again appeared on a large scale in the reminiscent of the Toros’ “adoption” process.

We have seen them invade Gamora’s homeland with the same way as they did to New York, including giant flying saucers and themselves killing half of their compatriots. Gamora at the behest of Thanos. This time, when Thanos re-exported, they were replaced by the Outrider army from Infinity’s plot.

17. Arrested Development

After the Civil War, the Russo brothers continued to release more Easter Eggs related to his previous work Arrested Development. This Easter Egg appears in the Infinity War as part of Collector’s Collection at Knowhere.

In one of the display cabinets (right at the screen when the Guardians walked through the collection), a blue-eyed man was dressed in short shorts. Apparently this is a detail reminiscent of the time spent in Arrested Development when Tobias Funke decided to “green himself”.

16. Drax and Mantis are disabled

In another scene at Knowhere, when Thanos discovers that the Guardians are there to stop him from capturing the Reality Stone, he deactivates Drax and Mantis by turning their bodies into stone and silk.

This is a scene similar to the story when he dealt with his brother Eros and Nebula. This is certainly not a coincidence and is a great way to show the power of Reality Stone.

15. Grimace

At a time when Tony Stark confronts Thanos, the celebrity likes to tease as Tony calls the purple alien “Grimace,” the name of a stupid character who has appeared in the propaganda campaign. of McDonalds.

While this is clearly a joke made to ridicule Thanos’s appearance, we can also understand this is a heavy affront to his intellect. Grimace in McDonalds advertising is also a vicious robbery to shake the milk, a task perhaps even Thanos also found objectionable.

14. White Wolf

After Captain America suggested to the Avengers to send Vision to Wakanda in order to get Shuri to safely remove Mind Stone from his head, we were once again set out for the secretive African nation.
In Wakanda we see Bucky’s reappearance and, as in the post-credit scene of the Black Panther, he is nicknamed the White Wolf and given a new Vibranium arm.

In the story, White Wolf is an orphan who lost his parents in a plane crash and was later adopted by T’Chaka. He was bullied by other Wakandans by his skin color but later rose to become captain of Wakanda’s secrecy guard before being jealous of T’Challa and expelled from the country. This story obviously has nothing to do with Bucky, but at least we’re glad to see another familiar name appear on the big screen.

13. Strange torture scene

In the Infinity plot by Jonathan Hickman, Thanos invaded the Earth to look for the Infinity Gems and send Ebony Maw for more information on their location. He tortured Doctor Strange with the information he wanted and the doctor, in pain, could not protect the stone.

The scene when he was tortured by the needles of Maw is very similar to the scene when Maw seeks to infiltrate Strange’s mind …
But here, Strange did not betray his teammates.

12. The Aliens & Relationships with Aliens

As in Captain America: Civil War, Spider-Man used his knowledge of film to help himself and his Avengers teammates escape the difficult situation. When he and Tony (and the Bathrobe Levitation) tried to rescue Doctor Strange from Ebony Maw’s control, Peter came up with a great idea and asked Tony if he had “seen the movie a long time ago. Aliens? ”

He then applied a method in the classic science fiction horror film and made Ebony Maw sucked out of space through the gap of the spacecraft, causing him to freeze and die under conditions. harsh of the universe.

And to reassure Peter that he was a genuine filmmaker, he went on to make a different connection with Alien when he warned that if an alien appeared and tried to lay eggs in his chest, he did not. Impress it. He was later scared to see Mantis and worried that she would put the eggs in his body.

11. Flash Gordon

In a scene when Peter Parker asked Quill if the dance he had been dancing to Ronan was like Footloose (and Quill also asked him if it was the best film of all time), Tony Stark tried to insult Star -Lord by calling him a Flash Gordon. It was a comic book character from the 1930s, an Earth person kidnapped and taken into space. This is precisely the way to build Peter Quill character that Marvel used in the movie.

10. Vormir

After months of speculation, it turned out that everyone was wrong about the location of the Soul Stone hiding place in the Infinity War. Through Nebula’s flashback, it is revealed that Gamora had seen the map but later destroyed it to hide Thanos. In the end, she must also declare that Stone is hidden in Vormir, where the story is a planet in Kree Galaxy in the Heigentar star system, the home of Vorm – a lizard-like creature that operates night and night. faced the Avengers in the series.

Again, this name is given mostly to inform comic fans that they are fully aware of what they are doing, and that there is no link to the original planet in the story. .

9. The Return of the Red Skull

One of the most unexpected appearances in the Infinity War is probably Red Skull, who once vanished in Captain America: The First Avengers when he touches the Tesseract. He appears in Vormir as being trapped between the boundaries of life and death, taking on the role of the secret guardian of the Soul Stone.

He reveals himself trapped in Vormir since World War II and is tasked with telling anyone who is searching for the Soul Stone for the price to pay for it – the soul of the beloved. Currently, when there is no Stone to defend, he is either liberated or completely dead.
And above all, he appears in Deathly Hallows, an image that perfectly matches the protagonist of the original Infinity Gauntlet, Death.

8. Details related to the Bible

The sacrifice Thanos had to make with the only creature he loved – Gamora – was very similar to the modern version of the biblical story of Abraham, who was ordered by the Lord to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. In that story, God intervenes after Abraham shows fear to his Master and Isaac is saved, but the story of Thanos and Gamora is much more tragic.

7. Red Ribbon of Cyttorrak

When the Avengers and the Guardians teamed up on Titan to follow the plan of distraction and disable Thanos to remove the Gauntlet from his hands, Doctor Strange read out one of his most famous mantras in story.

Cyttorrak’s Red Ribbon mantra will turn out a red band of energy on Strange’s arm as a band to cover Thanos’s eyes, and it’s clearly a powerful spell when he’s having a hard time combating it. Strange before Mantis tried to infatuate him.
In the Infinity War, this mantra is made exactly the same as in the story.

6. One on the face

This is a fairly easy to ignore, but in the battle scene on Titan, Spider-Man has made a similar action in the story.
Grabbing an opportunity to try to slow down Thanos’ actions, he accidentally shoots a spider web on Mad Titan, a scene just like the one in the story. There is also another scene that is recreated as in the story, when Thanos catches Spider-Man and throws him to the ground.

5. Kill the Vision

Although different from the movie, in Vision is not associated with the Mind Stone, but Thanos still kills Vision as soon as the two confronted by the same as in the movie.

In the story, Vision actually has an advantage over Thanos when this Titan has to deal simultaneously with the Hulk, but when he attacks him a second time from behind, Thanos is ready and successfully killing him. In the movie, Thanos did the same when he removed Mind Stone from the Vision, pulling a series of wires in his head.

4. The flick of the hand

Although it is quite unexpected that a studio aimed at viewers primarily families such as Disney makes such a pure gesture a behavior that can kill millions in an instant, but they Thanos really killed millions of people with one flick of his hand in the Infinity War.

In the story, Thanos flicked his hands to show off to Death in hopes of seducing her, and in the film, this gesture wiped out half of life on Earth. Watching everyone die in the movie is a clear reminder to the viewer that Marvel Studios and the Russo brothers are not really joking with the smallest detail.

3. Thanos’s peaceful bond

If the flick of the hand and the next life is a courageous decision, the last scene before the credit is a resounding slap for Thanos fans. Asked about what he would do after getting all the stones and successfully wiped out half of life in the universe, he said he was finally able to rest and sit down to watch the dawn. And that’s exactly what we see at the end of the film.

Despite the fact that he had recently killed half the population of all living things in the universe, Thanos returned to his hometown to rest, smiled to himself satisfactorily after completing his mission. set for myself.

This is exactly the image of Thanos in the story when he retired to live a quiet life in an alien planet in the unknown. But let’s hope that everything will not be as simple as that in the movie.

2. New theme song for the Avengers

After the tragedies that followed a scuffle of Thanos and his smirk, the film ended in silence for a while before the theme song was played – a way to make us live in senses. Shocked before that one more time.

And then, the melancholy, darker theme song by Alan Silvestri was released as a cry for our losses. It is no surprise that this piece of music is perfectly suited to the Avengers logo image burned to ashes. This is an excellent score for Silvestri and is definitely one of the best songs in the entire MCU to date.

1. Captain Marvel

Probably because the end of the movie has a big impact on the viewer’s feelings, the filmmakers only leave a post-credit at the end of the film. We witnessed Nick Fury and Maria Hill driving in the streets of New York before a car in front of them crashed and they discovered the driver was mysteriously disappeared.

After observing for a while, Hill gradually becomes ash by snatching a snare from Thanos in Wakanda, wiping out half of life in the universe, and a fury falls into a panic in search of his pocket. out of a messenger. He finally dissolved, not finished the sentence swearing “motherfu …”, but had sent the signal through the small machine in hand.

When the camera is about to close, we get a confirmation that the message has been sent and the screen shows the logo of Captain Marvel. This is a good way to forecast this character without completely revealing her identity.

In addition to the Easter Egg mentioned above, have you found any other interesting information? If so, let’s leave a comment for everyone to know

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