6 guest starring roles in “Deadpool 2”, the fourth title deserves to be the star of the movie!

Not only surprised by the terrible muddy terrain, “Deadpool 2” also made movie fans have been constantly sucked out by the famous guest (cameo) extremely famous.

Last weekend, the wackiest guy on planet Wade Wilson / Deapool (Ryan Reynolds) continued to stir up the global box office with Deadpool 2. Throughout the journey to prove that this is truly a touching work. On the subject of the family, the mercenary has exhausted his fans in a series of extremely skewered heart: from the satire two comics DC and Marvel comics, to the statue. immortal station of the popular culture (pop culture).

It did not stop there, he heard that Pool jealousy forced the director David Leitch, forcing him to earn the guest invited the name to attract the money to the cinema. Thanks to that, the movie has cameo surpasses the imagination, not less than the after credit of his own heights.

1. Fox is not as stingy as Deadpool thought

Saddened by the death of the bear, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin), Deadpool tries to find a way to kill but failed. He was dragged by Colossus to Xavier Academy. Watching the silence here, Deadpool again slammed Fox, because they did not pay more to “recall” some familiar faces.
As he was baffled, the audience noticed the young X-Men in the room behind Deadpool, including Professor X (James McAvoy), Beast (Nicholas Hoult), Quicksilver (Evan Peters) and Cyclops (Tye Sheridan). They were staring down at Deadpool and quickly closed the door before he could notice. So the truth is clear, the main ten Deadpool we do not live in the heart of the poor Fox companies.

2. The cameo came from Matt Damon

Having acted as a cascadeur for The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), director David Leitch was fortunate to have known actress Matt Damon. Thus, he easily invited the actor to support his son through the short cameo scene. Ironically, until the moment of leaving the theaters, most viewers still do not know Matt Damon has appeared in Deadpool 2.

At the interview, the new couple, Rhett Reesem and Paul Wernick, revealed that Matt Damon was Dickie Greenleaf, one of the two drunks that Cable (Josh Brolin) Traveling time finished. Two young men are talking about roll paper and wet towel, then encounter Cable, really pitiful. Dressing up with a fake beer belly has made us unable to spot Matt Damon. This is not the first time he is interested in this muddy type, before Matt also starred in the movie universe Marvel as … actor who plays Loki.

Interestingly, Dickie Greenleaf is the character Jude Law had previously shown in The Talented Mr.. Ripley (1999), film starring Matt Damon. In addition, Alan Tudyk, an American actor famous for his Firefly television series, as well as voice acting for the robot K-2SO in the science fiction block Rogue One: A Star. Wars Story (2016).

3. Group of reporters bad luck and abnormal guy premature

Besides the top names, Deapool also favor the land for the production team. Writer pair Rhett Reesem, Paul Wernick as pilot and television reporter is sitting in the helicopter fate. The two helplessly witnessed Shatterstar, the alien warrior “better than the earthquake in all its dimensions,” even though it landed … helicopter propeller spinning right above their heads.

And yet, director David Leitch is also happy to share the Ground Chuck Mutant. He was a mutant criminal who joined the escorts with Russell (Julian Dennison) and Juggernaut. However, at the raid on the convoy, Ground Chuck Mutant was thrown out of the way to stop Deadpool.

4. Brad Pitt’s epic moments

At first, it was thought that the invisible Vanisher was merely a joke from the Deadpool 2 production crew. Although not pictured, not even spoken, there was not even a conversation, but an identity. The truth of the Vanisher has made many viewers scream happily. When members of the X-Force team went “to sell salt” due to the vicious vortex, Vanisher was blown into the high voltage grid and quickly turned into industrial chicken.
In the midst of the near death moment, we will have the opportunity to admire the pitiful face of actor Brad Pitt. Admittedly, the “killer of the John Wick dog” has a remarkable relationship in Hollywood. After collaborating on the Fight Club series (1999 and Ocean’s Eleven (2001)), David Leitch and Brad Pitt have been active in maintaining contact throughout the years. is long-term friends call for support for Deadpool 2.

5. The confrontation between Dreampool and Wolverine

For Ryan Reynolds himself, he regretted signing up for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009) and Green Lantern (2011). Thanks to the rich imagination of the faint-hearted scriptwriters, Reynolds characters have received countless bad reviews from both the professional and the public.
So, after Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Brianna Hildebrand) fixes Cable’s air-to-air equipment, Deadpool asks to borrow it to save Vanessa’s love. Of course, he did not have the sting to bring this toy back to his old place. Traveling back to the past, Deadpool resolved to repair all the mistakes he made.

Appearing immediately at the Battle of Wolverine / Logan (Hugh Jackman) has confronted Deadpool’s defective version (Weapon X), Mr. Pool immediately “pierce” the bald guy that Reynolds played in front of Wolverine. Although Deadpool 2 re-uses old footage, watching the young Logan ferret actually brings an unforgettable feeling to the fans.

6. The villain on the movie DC

At the same time, to prevent Green Lantern from happening, Deadpool did not shy away from Ryan Renolds, as he had just finished reading the script for the disaster film. Thus, he basically completed the cleanup of time mismatch in the mysterious style. So Ryan Reynolds also had a comeo in Deadpool 2, which is not very good character life. The audience wonders if the changes made by the mercenary will affect the future later? Hope Disney will find the right direction for the Deadpool brand later.

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