Review 3 Idiots – Memories of the students sitting on the lecture hall

If you are starting the year sitting on the lecture hall, you should see 3 Idiots. If you have gone through this period, be prepared to laugh and cry again when you see yourself in this movie. And if you work in education, you need to watch this movie to see the true values ​​in your industry.

Life does not have any beautiful period than the students, the hairy day to life full of fun but also full of anxiety. 3 Idiots draw once a golden memories of each person, in every episode of the film, we like to find ourselves in the past, the years away from home, the “pocket” at the end of the month, Fear of exam day … but the film also do more.

The film follows the memory of Farhan, a man from the age of birth, and because of his male gender, he has been labeled by his father since he did not know that he would become a engineer. The way that Farhan would go was so crucified, though he was still passionate about taking all the pictures on his way, still quietly accepting the low points, still carefree to continue the way he I do not know where to lead.

Paint the quality of school in Vietnam in an Indian film. There is a Farhan decisive to learn a job for parents, but he does not love it.

There is a paradise on the divine vows to pass the exams, hoping for a career that will help him change his life, austerely his family.

There is a Chatur, a parrot learner, know all but do not understand, ready to “silence 18 hours a day” to study the song to find the high point. There is such a harsh place as the backdrop of India’s top engineering university, which draws only 200 students each year from more than 400,000 applicants. It is as hard as the statement by the Vi-ru’s principal in his talk with freshmen: “Life is a race, only the head is counted. Humans, like the cuckoo, have just been born to know how to kick eggs from the nest to survive.

“My teacher called me over and said, ‘This is a masterpiece of humanity, it is used everywhere, at home, on the wall, out of the battlefield even in the universe. So, give it back to someone you feel as good as yourself. And I have waited for the past 25 years to give you the students I deserve. ” The pen in Vi-ru’s eyes sparkled in the eyes of the toddlers who entered the world, the illusory halo that they did not understand, but still wished …

“Teacher, do not you understand, why astronauts do not use pencils, because that saves millions of dollars a year?”

Rachor appeared like that. The little boy with smart eyes stood out in the crowd. Viul confused, stammered: “This problem I will answer you later.”

In the bird’s nest of the Vi-ru that appeared a free bird named Rancho. The student especially from the long name, the liberal personality with the new education ideas: learn because of passion, not because of the score. Racho’s strange style resembles that of his escape from the new henchmen of the alumni.

According to the school, neo-naturists have nude, wearing underwear to the alumni “spit” to launch the door if the door is not clean for 4 years. Racho fled into the room in the eyes of hundreds of naked students and an old “ghost” was shouting in the room.

Not to lose face before “new soldiers”, he “old ghost” has hit the door Racho room, and consequently he was electrocuted after an instrument that Racho made speedy emergency. The way Racho behaves differently from people like Farhan’s comment:

“The principle that we are all in middle school, Racho does not ‘learn’ but ‘applies’ to it.

Rancho loves the mechanics but he does not learn “mechanics”. The teachers are afraid of Rancho in class because he always has a headache. Like the way he repulsed the mechanics teacher’s definition. Rancho defines simple machines, not as long as he does in books, and so he is kicked out of the classroom. Rancho walks out of the classroom and tells the teacher:

– Teacher, I forgot something in class

– What is this?

– It is a multi-part widget, including questions, answers, numbers, characters, definitions, exercises, page numbers, sentences, titles, titles with many uses, used when sleeping, sometimes used in cooking, etc …

– Huh … what is that?

– Yes, books.

– Why do not you just say it?

– I tried to speak plainly and was invited out of class.

Rancho brings a new breath to the university, bringing a whole new dimension to college-age people watching the movie. Four years of college with enough joy, sadness, know how to happen, and then with talent and sincere feelings, Rancho has changed the lives of his friends, and changed both professors Virus is the enemy. biting.

3 Idiots is a great movie, which starts with a closely linked storyline with lots of expensive details. The best thing that the film brings is the moment of tears. There are only a few characters throughout the length of the film, but have shown many aspects of modern life, the fate is very similar to Vietnamese students.

As Raja learned under pressure from his family, he was always afraid of the future, fearing the burden on his back, always plugging his head into learning the results were not as expected. He tried his best, but his results were not what he expected. Fear is not good for the score.

Farhan is the representative of most of the twelfth graders who are currently under pressure from their parents, who are forced to follow an unlikely path. And it is also very moving that, instead of blaming the generations, the film goes in the direction of sympathy.

Actually, parents do not want children to be happy, want after school children have high houses, beautiful cars, blooming eyebrows with friends. Therefore, sometimes they forget the feeling of happiness that a favorite job can bring. But it comes from sincere love, so there is nothing to blame.

The film’s emotional lines are driven in a very strange way, even abruptly, but touching the hearts of the viewers. Just dance, laugh it with the song All Izz Well hilarious, the audience had to tie up with the scene of the poor student Lobo. 3 Idiots refer to a problem of modern society in general, of school in particular, which is the increasing suicide rate. Students become more fragile to their own lives. The great responsibility of the school, which must be the place of inspiration, is now the factory that creates the pressures – the silent killer of danger.

The film offers insights into the philosophy of life, about the meaning of education, about friendship, love, and the impact it has on the viewers. Now many students, even when they are students, are still bewildered do not know that they choose the right industry, the right career, passion. When choosing schools, educators, consultants, and school-based conferences, they only talk about the benefits, the social needs for each industry, benchmarking, , the industry is not hot … No one told the students that, do not care about those things, choose the industry you love and pursue to the end.

3 idiots is the most popular film of Indian cinema when earning more than 80 million dollars worldwide. 3 Idiots can not be a popular Oscar-winning movie, but it can change the way life and the way of life of any one person once came to the story. 3 Idiots. View to relive the time of school, his smile and tears.

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