3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

In line with the blockbuster movie line-up at the annual film awards, the film’s history of painting is a “dose” for the creativity that moviegoers love the art line once. Try it in your life.

To make color and film content more attractive, art filmmakers later crafted other artistic elements into their film flow, most notably the musical element. Following the music, filmmaking has been developed in recent times, as a means to convey the romantic elements and ideas of the characters in a more creative way.

But there are not too many biographical works, the life of the famous artists in the world. Even if the viewer, but can not deny the film about the history of painting is a different experience for those who love the art line. Check out the list of 3 typical art history books below.

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1. Loving Vincent (2017)

Loving Vincent is the most expensive film in terms of artistic ideas and the work of the artist all over the world, as a tribute to the talented but tragic fate: Vincent Van Gogh is a Post-Impressionist Post-Impressionist and is considered to be the founder of the Fauvism and Expressionism.

3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

In order to honor the artist in the most complete way, the crew decided to make a cartoon with each frame that looks like Van Gogh himself. Over the past seven years, more than 100 painters have consistently performed more than 65,000 canvas paintings, reminiscent of Van Gogh’s stylistic and stylistic work.

The background of Loving Vincent is 1891, about a year after the death of Vincent Van Gogh (voiced by Robert Gulaczyk). In the last days of his life, he always maintained a good relationship with his younger brother Theo as they often confided through the letters. After Van Gogh died, his last letter was not sent to Theo.

3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

Young man, Armand Roulin (son of librarian and friend of Vincent), is assigned to transfer his last message to his brother. The film is a journey by the foot of Armand Roulin, not only do the task of mail delivery, but through which decipher for viewers about the hidden life and the passion of painting as the blood of Van Gogh.

Throughout the film, the viewer not only understands more about the life of the artist who has a great influence on contemporary art, but also the glamor and the increased knowledge of painting with the paintings. Painters should see the narrative to feel more complete than the beauty of each picture frame.

2. Mr. Turner (2014)

Mike Leigh’s film revolves around the late days of artist J.M.W. Turner (Timothy Spall), as well as the artist’s relationship with his family, colleagues, wife and children.

3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

Turner is a landscape painter of the Romanticism, known for his use of watercolors for paintings and is considered to be the founder of Impressionism. Although Turner was a controversial figure in his day, he is now considered the first artist to bring landscape art to a new level in painting history.

The movie’s first 10 minutes will start to frown, because it does not say much about his works but instead looks at Turner’s relationship in the film. Well, what makes a great artist’s art the way they view the world, how the relationships around them affect their worldview? This movie will show you that.

3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

Just a small piece of paper, a pencil is Turner painted anytime anywhere. Turner’s drawings, though scattered throughout the film, demonstrate that he is not only talented but also has a love and perseverance for painting and that this passion has made his eyes go on. Wrapped in the screen.
Thanks to the small details that Mr. Turner became the most vivid depiction of 19th-century English art.

3. Girl With A Pearl Earring (2003)

Girl With A Pearl Earring is a film adaptation of Tracy Chevalier’s novel of the same name. The film is inspired by the painting of the same name by the Dutch artist – Vermeer. Vermeer was one of the greatest painters of the Dutch golden age, the Baroque School of Art.

Throughout the film, the mysterious, romantic but tragic love story is also tragic and haunting between a maid and a well-known artist in Tulip City Delft in the early 17th century was peeled a seductive way.

3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

Grieve (Scarlett Johansson), whose family was so miserable, had to take her daughter to the painter Vermeer (Colin Firth). This is a very complex family. The mother of the artist’s wife, Maria Thins (Judy Parfitt), is the one who directs all the work in the house. Her daughter, Catharina (Essie Davis) – Johannes Vermeer’s wife is no different than a birth machine a year.

Meanwhile, the painter Vermeer remained silent day by day with his familiar paintings on the attic. Since becoming a Vermeer maid, Griet has worked hard but has been quietly endured by the women of the Vermeer family.

3 films about the painting ensure the filmmaker love the art!

One day, Griet went to Vermeer’s studio to clean up. The paintings scattered throughout the room immediately had a strong appeal to Griet. From there, she quietly helped Vermeer with odd jobs in the studio. Painting, closeness, empathy bring them closer together inadvertently. And then, it became Griet’s endless inspiration for Vermeer’s mysterious maiden portrait.

Through three films of historical art, the audience has the opportunity to understand more about painting, but also have the opportunity to change the film and get inspired from the classic art world. And you, you have chosen the art film to enjoy in the coming summer brilliant yet?

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