10 love movies for a cozy dating evening

No need to go anywhere, do not need fancy, a dating can still be romantic when enjoying a movie on the sofa or so comfortable. 10 immortal films below are great suggestions for couples who love a cozy, pleasant date.

1. Couples Retreat (2009)

Over the course of an eight-year marriage, Jason and Cynthia suddenly announced their divorce. Before ending their marriage, they joined a tour with six close friends as a last resort for love. Three pairs of thoughts will have a relaxing holiday, but not everything is so simple …

Even though it’s a romantic comedy, gently, Couples Retreat also makes viewers think about love and marriage: there is no relationship that can be maintained easily, Wishing to make a lot of effort.

2. Date Night (2010)

Date Night is the story of a couple who decide to have a romantic date to warm their affectionate couple. Unfortunately, they could not afford a table in a lavish New York restaurant. In one minute, the husband decided to “occupy” the table of another couple. This seemingly innocent action again starts an unbelievably adventurous evening with this couple.

A little humor and the action of the movie will definitely make your evening more enjoyable.

3. Alfie (2004)

Not talking about the topic of the couple, Alfie tells the guy Alfie with handsome looks with blue eyes sucking women. No wonder he is also a multi-lingual player with a dozen love one night. But finally, Alfie realized that this action hurt the people he cared about most.

Alfie makes viewers think about how to behave in love. True love will dare to give up the game of frivolous love to love sincerely and faithful.

4. Begin Again (2014)

Greta and her boyfriend, Dave, moved to New York to pursue a music career. When Dave succeeded and became famous, he became accustomed to the star’s lifestyle and their love broke. Greta goes out and meets an artist who is also looking for a new start for his life.

See Begin Again, you will recognize the past does not say who you are. You will learn from your experience and move on to the opportunities ahead.

The movie with the wonderful OST melody and a little sadness will definitely make the viewer passionate.

5. About Time (2013)

About Time really deserves a romantic, romantic and sweet movie.

It all began when Tim was revealed to his father that he was capable of traveling time. He has used this special ability to “fix” his life from time to time but messed things up. Finally, Tim realizes that the best thing that the magic brings is to enjoy the moment beside the woman he loves the most.

And if you have the ability to travel time, what would you change?

6. 50 First Dates (2004)

Henry Roth had an adventurous affair before he met the true love of his life – Lucy. Unfortunately, Lucy has short-term memory problems that make her forget about everything after a day, including Henry’s existence. Henry persevere in finding a way to introduce himself to the girl every day, making her fall in love again from day one.

The film has all the humor and humor of any Adam Sandler film, but it also has a strong message to the couple: the most valuable thing is to overcome the most difficult situations together. to protect his love.

7. The Holiday (2006)

Two women, one with an unrequited love, the other with a broken heart in love, decided to change their homes for Christmas. In this special Christmas holiday, they live in two completely opposite places of familiarity as well as the opportunity for them to find love again.

Love in life, just like in The Holiday, there are situations that can not pull two strangers closer. Let’s enjoy the film to cherish the happiness that you are with your lover despite having to go through many times the heart broken.

8. One Day (2011)

Dexter and Emma have a one-night stand at the university graduation evening. But things did not stop there, the relationship seemed like only friendship between the two brought the feeling of overwhelming for several years before they realized the real position of the other in his heart.

Relationships can be very complex, and One Day has been very successful in showing how people meet and stay apart in life. The film focuses on the importance of the present and the overcoming of the challenges of life to find the most important thing in life.

9. 550 Days of Summer (2009)

Tom, a romantic all-cure-all, fell in love with Summer, a girl who did not believe in love. But they still date for more than a year. When Summer suddenly ended the relationship, Tom looked back at their time together and understand more about love.

500 Days of Summer is a movie that makes viewers think about true love. Enjoying this movie also makes you look back on your love journey, the definition of love in yourself and your lover.

10. The Break-Up (2006)

Brooke and Gary decided it was time for them to “go their separate ways”, but none of them wanted to move out of the house. So, they have to endure living the same roof. Bitter with the love has expired, they repeatedly do things that make the enemy uncomfortable.

The Break-Up gives us a look at the dark side of love. The story puts the characters in a messy situation that makes them understand their place in the life of the other. The film confirms that we have to accept the imperfection of the enemy and the tolerance in love.

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