10 European love movies will go and love

Romantic and sweet, hot and dramatic, touching but no less humane … The film romantic feelings Europe and America will definitely make you do not regret watching.

1. La La Land

La La Land is an emotional drama, where Mia – a law school student – pursues an acting career and Seb – a musician with endless passion for jazz. The first movie, we will contemplate the film is extremely romantic love of the young couple. The first touch in the cinema, dancing together under the stars, pouring passionate kisses, night dance to a jazz music … Both supporters, cultivating the dream of each person . But life does not flow like we are still. Before the turn of the career, of passion, the gap of Mia and Seb grew larger. Slow appointments, less confidant. That love seems to have great barriers. It’s time they decide the priority of their lives, can not be forever amorphous stars, lost, do not know who you are. And then, when they were successful, they both realized that they had lost each other from the dream they had built themselves.

Mia and Seb’s love story is not very passionate, but very real, very life-giving and a lot of aftertaste. “We can not have perfect love and successful careers while still being on the path to assert ourselves.”

2. Love, Rosie

The film is like an autobiography of beautiful spring, extravagant. The story revolves around two characters, Alex, Rosie, twin friends from childhood since childhood. Both can share everything, including sexuality. They dreamed of studying in the United States together. However, everything fell apart when Rosie was pregnant during her school dinner party because of the cup. Alex is studying in the chaos, thinking. Before the spin of life, both know that they are not mere friendship. However, they have missed many opportunities to come together to marry someone they do not love.

Still, Alex and Rosie were serious about thinking about their relationship, about who they wanted to be with until the end of their lives, wherever their hearts were headed. After all, they went to the same house. Rosie had a quote from the bottom of her heart that “No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, I will always, honestly, truly, completely love you.” Where are you doing, with whom, I always love you sincerely and completely.

3. Me Before You

The film is light, slow but leaves a lot of impression and resonance due to the content of the story and the real, rustic, deep character of the story. The film is a romance between Will Traynor – a guy who has everything in life: beautiful appearance, successful career, wealthy family, 31-year-old has set foot in many parts of the world. But the accident turned him into a handicapped person, in a wheelchair and needed a supportive person in every day life. In contrast, Clark – a poor girl, not in college, without a stable career.

Clark arrives to help Will earn money and their conditions begin from there. Clark’s optimism, love for life, and joy led Will to turn his blind and darkest days into the most meaningful, beautiful days. Jokes, flashy clothes or a surprise ride, all make Will come alive again.

Although Will had to leave because of illness, their love was still there, so beautiful and so respectable. The story is also a wake-up call for those who live on this life, live their lives and love the people around them. As Will’s words to Clark in the diary before leaving: “I have only one life, my task is to live as hard as possible.”

4. The Notebook

The story began when in a nursing home, one saw an old man in the middle of the story telling the old lady from a diary. The old lady was so absent-minded that the amount of detail he remembered was very small and could be forgotten; he was thought to be doing nothing, but he persevered day in and day out. By the two grandparents, is the main character in the story.

Story of love between Noah – poor carpenter and Allie – 17-year-old girl, the rich son of summer vacation in the town of Seabrook. The love between the two young people flourished with the innocence, innocence of adolescence and suddenly cut off by the prohibition of the Allie family. When the Allie family returned to the city, Noah wrote her 365 letters but could not reach her hands. Waiting in despair, after many years, she decided to get engaged to her new fiance at the same level of society. Unknowingly, Allie reads news of Noah on the news, she decides to return to visit the small town where the first love begins. Destiny has helped Allie meet at Noah in the house they once met. They decide to love each other again and decide to stick together forever.

Returning to the story of the storyteller, the old woman recognizes who she is in the story told in a few rare moments. The film closes in the image of old lady lovers in hand when the last breath.

5. Fifty Shades

Christian – an extremely handsome and also the owner of the game sex violence. When he first came to Ana, his feelings were only temporary, but his beauty, intelligence, talent and charm made him unable to leave. What makes Ana different from other girls is that they do not pay attention to Gray’s inheritance. Gray, but his love for Ana is real, he is willing to ignore the pride of a man who dominates to be able to have Ana’s feelings and she accepted, conquering her heart gradually. gradually, change yourself to be next to the girl you love.

This emotional movie will bring you the most hot and real scenes in the relationship between the two boys and girls. Maybe this is a sensitive topic, however, when love, people always want to be possessed and close to the person you love. That is very practical.

6. The vow

The Vow, a $ 41.6 million romance thriller for the first time in three days, was a hit. This is an uncertain love story of two children are passionate love. They decided to organize a wedding in a museum to save money. But after a catastrophic accident, Leo is fortunate to recover, his wife encountered a tremor in the brain. What’s left of Paige is the time when she was a law student, so proud, that she had a happy date with Leo. With Leo, when Paige thinks he still has an affair with Jeremy, whom she has given up before. Leo tries to help her find the memory, but she still looks at him with the eyes of a stranger. Leo decided to love her from the beginning with the dating, experiencing the memories that two people have…

In the film, the phrase that makes viewers cry is Paige’s wedding vow to Leo: “I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness, and to have patience that love demands. They are very friendly and helpful. I would like to help him love life more, will always keep him gentle, chat when needed and share quiet minutes when the words are no longer needed.He will accept disagreement about red cake Will live peacefully in his heart and always considered it home.

7. Lost in Berlin

The film revolves around Australian journalist Clare traveling to Germany, carrying a dream of making her own photo book. In Berlin, she meets Andi University lecturer, they are quickly attracted to each other, and Clare follows him home. Clare finds himself trapped in a house locked in doors, lying in the abandoned apartment complex. Clare could not help crying, because no one heard her. From then on, Clare began the series of dates that became a man’s sex slave with a knowledgeable exterior.

The film opens slowly, gently but the later the more horrible, dramatic. The film has some violent and sensitive scenes. The more and more the rhythm. The film is a wake-up call for hearts searching for their half.

8. One Day

Based on David Nicholls’ novel of the same name, One Day tells the story of a 20-year journey between Dexter and Emma. It all started on the fateful night of 1988, when the couple just graduated from Edinburgh University. Returning to Emma’s apartment, instead of having a “one-night stand” and becoming two strangers the next morning, they lay in bed and talked like two friends.

Dexter’s handsome appearance, prideful flowers easily get the job TV show and dozens of girls pursue. But when all that vanity had passed, he had only white hands and Emma’s shoulder to lean on. Meanwhile, Emma was unsuccessful in her life and work, and her love for Dexter was so good that she was happy with her long legs.

In the end, when Dex and Emma were together, an accident took the life of Dex.

The film is a reminder for those who are hesitant to disclose, confide to the person you love.

9. Begin Again

Love is not just a relationship between men and women, but also a sympathetic, sympathetic and sharing, a person who is intrigued to cultivate their dreams and aspirations. Begin Again is a story like that.

Dan (Mark Ruffalo), a renowned music producer, falls into despair for failing to find musical inspiration and breakdowns in marriage and family. He was also kicked out by the company himself. Coincidentally, Dan encounters Gretta (Keira Knightley), a disoriented girl due to the breakup with her boyfriend (Adam Levine), which she gave away love. Gretta’s music rekindled Dan’s passion, together they began to make a music album, and from there they both rebuilt their lives from their past fragments.

Watch movies, you also get into the world of music with songs that bring a lot of emotions like Coming up roses, Lost Stars, Like A Fool …

10. The Fault In Our Stars

The movie revolves around two characters. Hazel, a young girl with thyroid cancer, has metastasized to the lungs living in the last days of her life. Augustus – a man with bone cancer with a false leg and a fear that someday he will fall into oblivion. The two met at a club for cancer patients who had trouble integrating into their lives. They argue that one day they will face death and become friends.

In the last days of their lives, they made a trip together and fell in love. To them, love is now a precious pill so that they are happy, living fully and meaningfully.

The film has taken the tears of many audiences. Because not everyone born in this life is lucky to have a healthy body. Therefore, the will, energy and love of life of young people is a reminder to cherish every day in the world and have the will to overcome the stormy storm.

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